Install extension from sketchup version 8

Hello, i can’t succed to install the extension GKware doormaker (compatible with SU8)
I followed the instruction for my old version (8 pro), wich telling me to save the .rbz file in the ‘‘C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins’’. (all description in here:
but not working…

I followed instructions from another site wich telling me to copy the .rbs an .rb files on this same location described above (end with pluggins) and a part of the work seems to be good; when i open SU, i click on window, then preferences and then extension. Then i see in left list that the GKware door maker appears and it is checked (wich is good news).

But when i tried to find the toolbar, it’s not in view, camera, tools, window or pluggin tabs.
Another button( wich i don’t have in my sketchup) is maybe the reason why i can’t succed ( i see it in differents instructions for installation. In the same :‘‘window, then preferences and then extension’’, there is supposed to be a button ‘’ install extension’’ at the bottom of the window, but i don’t have it.
I don’t know if the installation was well done or it’s a problem with my version.

Is there anyone using extension with this version?
Please help me. :confused:

(I have an old version wich is the 8 pro (any M… on it, only 8). I use windows 10)

Thank you and sorry for my bad english

The rbz file is basically a compressed file; to install open your Su 8 version ; Follow the above install instructions exactly, they look ok to me. That includes the one about admni rights. You should not have to paste any files manually. I would remove the files you have installed, redownload tha rbz file to your pc, right click on it and make sure it is not blocked and select run as admin. Some times files are block and compressed and if they are not unblocked at the 'zip" level then it has be done for each file.

She stated it is not there and the plugin is showing in the list with box checked?

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Hello DaveR, no, i don’t have this button.

That indicate your copy of SU8 is the original. The extension installation was added in a maintenance release.

To install it must be done manually, I would suggest the files you installed manually should be deleted. DO NOT remove the rbz file!! Then using the install extensions under the windows preferences and try a re-install again. Just select that box, find the orginal rbz file and click on that.** Be aware that some times pluigns do not show in the plugin folder so before doing anything check to make sure it is not already there.**

Thanks, I tried to re install it: When i re download it, i right click on the originall file, wich have been automaticly put in my ‘‘Dowload files’’ , and then, there is no option to open it as admin. So i chose the option ‘‘open with’’ and i selected in the other application ‘‘exe.’’ Then it seemed to have create a box defilling text and ends. But then nothing happens, finally the files are’nt in the PLUGGINS file of SU.
In another order, i do not really understand the last statement:‘‘Be aware that some times pluigns do not show in the plugin folder so before doing anything check to make sure it is not already there’’
Please could you explain.

A new try i did was to unzip the .RBZ file with help of 7-zip. I moved it (in the pluggin file of SU) with the option MOOVE in this program. Now the file of the extension is unzip and all complete in the PLUGGIN.
It contains a lot. I openned the SU and there is nothing in the preference/extenssion… the extension is not showing in the left list of the extension.

Thank you.

have you asked the author?
he’s quite a regular participant on the SketchUcation forum…


I wrote to him from the extension dowlnoad page and no answer yet.

1.) Plugins are not always installed in the plugin folder so wanted you to check and see if it was already installed elsewhere especially since you indicated it maybe already installed. In the mean time went to the web site and indicates he does not do that;
2) You need to follow directions. If you do want to that is fine I have other things to do.:imp:
3) There has been several API revision for SU since version 8. His info in the latest release states it is still good for SU8 , I hope;
4) Right click on the one you have down loaded, then select file properties. If it is showing blocked select to unblock. I am not sure which tab that shows under, probably security;
5) Open SU 8 go to windows, preferences, select install extensions, navigate to the folder where you have the rbz saved and click on it and see if will install. You will have to close Su8 and restart and see if it shows in the plugins. Make sure you have that plugin enabled by the check box as you noted in your previous post.
Good Luck
Make sure you are running with admin rights as the install instructions you ref earlier states.

It has been mentioned several times that they don’t have this button as they never installed the Maintenance release.
You simply need to change the .rbz to .zip and unzip it into the plugins folder.

They do not need it, they can install by selecting the install extension in the windows preferences. I just did that with the old version SU 8 I have installed and it worked just fine. What I downloaded was version 1.0.48 which is the latest shown in the plugin store and it does have the API changes also. I think that is the version they are trying to install.

In SU8 the original pre MR1 it doesn’t have Install Extension in Preferences.

Thanks I do have M2.

Thank you for your help, simple as it is,i got it from your indications.

Thank you for your help in all kind it was. I had it finaly and i already installed 2 others extensions yet.As simple it is.
Sorry to distrurbing you, as this forum is to help others, i imagine those who answer are volunteers so … those how don’t want to, just don’t :wink:

Here is my contribution for the nexts who will have the same case: BUT IN FRENCH (easier for me.Maybe it would helps anyway)

Procédure téléchargement extenssion Sketchup.pdf (501.2 KB)

Ok So I got Sketchup 8 version 8.0.16846 and I got the Install Extensions in windows-preference- extensions. However my Hubby just got a refurbished improved computer also running win 7 like me, but he is missing the install extensions button and he has version 8.0.4811 which he just downloaded.

I have been using the same version for the past 2 years. We went through his settings to see why his was so different. Now we are trying to figure out how to install the extensions he already has downloaded ( and used to use on his old computer which he did not have that problem)

When he tried to get everything from his old computer to his new one, somehow he messed up his working version of Sketchup 8, He did a repair on it and yah he no longer has the Install button either on the old computer.

Install Extension was added after the initial release of SU8 in Maintenance Release 1. I don’t know of a legitimate source for SU8 anymore but the RBZ extensions can be installed the old fashioned way. Change the file extension from .rbz to .zip and then extract the contents of the file to the Plugins folder making sure the file structure doesn’t get modified.

Or he could just install SU2016 which would have the Install Extension option AND allow direct access to the 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse.

my problem is that a specific plug in that we are using may not work with SU2016 >_< making the whole thing pointless. I will do some research on that. thanks for the reply