Adding extensions (plugins) to SU8

I have a smallish issue adding a obj. plug in. I followed the instructions by opening my SU/Windows…
I don’t have the ‘extension manager’ on the tab. What can I do?

Sounds like you need to not follow instructions for newer versions of SketchUp.

Assuming you downloaded the file as .rbz, rename it to .zip. Then open the zip file and extract the contents into C:Programs\Google\SketchUp…\Plugins. Make sure the extraction process does not destroy the file structure of the extension. In the past that was a huge problem for some users.

SU8 MR 2 and higher has an “Install Extension” button on the Extensions panel of the Preferences dialog.

No need for manual installation, and XP should not complain about copying into the %Program Files% path.

How quickly we forget.

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:whisper: SHhhhh! Don’t tell anyone I had to look it up in the release notes. :wink:


Thank you both for the speedy replies. (faster than my own forum actually-lol)
Dan, your option worked, now I have to try it with exporting to either Blender or 3ds :blush:


You might add MR2 to your SketchUp version for future reference since there were changes later in the SU8 life cycle. Could come in handy in the future.

… unless of course it’s a later MR … that she has ?

Well, yeah. Which ever MR it is…

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What is the MR?

And it added okay, although I’m not sure how to use it. When going to export it still only shows me two options (collada and google Earth) The Obj is separated

It’s been so long since I’ve used SU8 that I’m only guessing but did you restart SketchUp? Did you look in the Plugins menu for it?

Yep, closed and re-opened. Just went into Program files/Google/Sketchup/Plugins.

All the Obj stuff is there??? so weird.

So did you look in the Plugins folder?

Did you click on 3D Models to see if you can select the file type in the Export panel?

It may be that the exporter doesn’t work in SU8, too.

Yes I did, its all there and when clicking on 3D models you only get two options as I said above.
That could be my problem. ?

Did you try the one you have marked in red?

I installed it on 2018 and it works but when I installed it on 2008 it doesn’t work, I think you are out of luck on that one.

I have success!!! In fact the collada export works fine now with both Blender and 3ds. I was clicking on the wrong one. Should be 1.31 and not 1.4

thank you all for your help, you blokes are fabulous!