Adding extensions without the extension manager

I’m in charge of 3D for an architecture firm of 60+ people. There are a few Extensions I want to include in everyone’s Sketchup. Is there a way to install an extension by dragging the .rbz to their Sketchup Folder and not run the Extension manager? I know that many people will not follow the instructions to add these extensions if they have to be added manually.

The .rbz file is a zip file. The extension files it contains don’t work if you simply put the .rbz into the Plugins folder. For many extensions you could convert the .rbz to .zip, extract the contents (being very careful to maintain folder structures in the file) and paste that into the user’s Plugins folder. The next time they start SketchUp the extension would load. There are some extensions that require a proper install instead so installing them as above is probably not a good idea.

It’s a shame that employees can’t follow simple instructions for things like installing extensions.

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Got it. Thank you so much. I might just log in to their computers individually and install them.
The only extension I need them to install is the PurgeAll extension. We are running low on backup space and nobody Purges their models.

Well, i have been asking for years to Purge their 400MB+ SU files and they still dont do it. Hopefully they can follow a simple drop down menu to purge. 400 MB is too much for SU

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Good luck. You might want to give them a keyboard shortcut to activate it and teach them that. Hopefully you can get them to do that simple task.

Purging unused is available in Model Info>Statistics but maybe that’s too many steps. I agree that 400 Mb is probably too large.

Yes, too many steps. I have been telling people for years how to Purge. And nobody Purges.
thanks so much for your help.

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As Dave said, no. But Julia did write an importer that will install extensions if you drag and drop an .RBZ archive file into the SketchUp application window. (Similar to how you’d drag an image file into the model.)

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This is very helpful. Thank you!