Add New Extension to SU Make

I found a free extension, MAJ Rails, that I want to install. I use SU Make (because I’m old and poor and use SU as a hobby). Can I install this extension? If so, how?

I did several searches but found nothing that I could understand that addresses this subject. Everything I found seemed to push me to buy a current version of SU.

OK, I was able to install the extension. My previous efforts were unsuccessful and I thought I had tried the way that ultimately worked.

In case anyone else has this question, here is what I did.
I clicked on Window > Extension Manager > Install Extension (red button at lower left in this window) then navigated to the place I had previously downloaded the .rbz file, double clicked on the file icon and followed instructions.

HTH the next guy.

exactly that :slight_smile:
This method will work as well on older or more recent versions. Sure, you can use the extension warehouse (on recent SU), or the Sketchucation one, but for any extension coming from anywhere else, the method you describe works :slight_smile:

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