Installing LightUp in SU pro 2018

Hi I downloaded LightUp from the extension warehouse, signed up and copied the LightUp demo .rbz file to the tool folder still I can’t see it in the extension tab of SU.

What did I do wrong ?

Thanks for helping

this is not the correct way, remove it…

it’s a .rbz which should be installed using ‘Extension Manager’…


Thanks John,
is Extension Manager an app I have to download from the extension warehouse?

What version of sketchUp are you using. Your Profile says you are using Sketchup Free and LightUp doesn’t work with that.

If you aren’t really using SketchUp Free and instead are using something like SketchUp Make, look in the Window menu for Extension Manager. It’s not something you have to install.

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Hi I am using the trial version of Sketchup pro 2018,

I found the Extension Manager now how do I get LightUp in there?

Click on Install Extension and find the RBZ file you downloaded. Click Open and Yes.

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Great! Up and running. This forum is amazing!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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