LightUp Installation on Mac for SketchUp Pro 2018

I cant seem to install LightUp on my mac. I used to use it all the time, but it was probably 3 SketchUp versions ago.

It’s very frustrating, but when I open the .zip file from LightUp, there is no .rbz file only:





The .pkg file is the typical sorftware installation file for Macs. I click on it, and it says I have successfully installed the software, but it doesn’t effect SketchUp. I can shutdown and restart the computer, or quit and relaunch SketchUp, but LightUp never appears. If I go to Extension Manager and hit “Install,” there is no .rbz file in my downloads, just the expanded .zip folder with the .pkg and .bundle files mentioned above. Thoughts? I have used LightUp in the past, but it has been frustrating trying to get it going again.