LightUp v4.6 and SketchUp 2016

Think we’ve finally got both Mac and Windows installers working with the new certificate system.

Please let us know if you find problems running LightUp with SU2016. Or SU2015, SU2014, SU2013 for that matter!


I got no errors in using the installer, but where in SketchUp 2016 do the LightUp options appear? I’ve looked in the usual places. Preferences/Extensions shows ‘lightup’ as being checked on.

Thanks Colin,

The main thing is LightUp not being blocked by Trimble’s new certificate system for plugins.

But if LightUp is an enabled extension, you should find the LightUp toolbar on screen somewhere.

Normally on Mac if I’m not noticing a particular palette I go to its menu and hide and show it, until I spot part of the screen that is changing. But there are no menu items to do with LightUp.

BTW, I didn’t at any point get asked for my registration number for LightUp. Could it be that it just isn’t starting up? If I try SketchUp 2015 I get this error:

Error Loading File lightup.rb
Error: #<LoadError: cannot load such file – lightup.rb>

Hi Colin,

Could you grab the latest Installer (again!) and try it.

May have finally fixed this. What a waste of time this certificate stuff is for developers!


Thanks, that behaves as usual now.

I ran Lightup v 4.6 with SU2015 and had no issues. I recently downloaded SU2016 and now LU keeps freezing and stops rendering at 50%. Any ideas?

Is that with your model, or any model? For example, do any of these scenes go wrong?: