Official Sketchup help page for manually installing extensions

Hi all,
I’m trying to find the official SketchUp help page that explains how to manually install extensions that are distributed as .rbz, using the Extension Manager, in order to point users to it.

(1) Managing Extensions | SketchUp Help only makes reference to EW

(2) Adding Extensions to SketchUp | SketchUp Help no longer makes any sense -

“If you download an extension from the Extension Warehouse via a web browser or from a developer’s website, your extension is packaged as an .rbz file that you can install manually. Here are the steps you need to follow:”

then no information about Extension Manager follows.

(3) says

“You are not authorized to access this page.”

Anybody know where the official guidance has gone?


To the best of my knowledge, the SU team does not have the time and intention to update the help pages of EW2.0, since version released more than a year ago. Unfortunately the pages you referred does not corespond to the current situation.

To manually install .rbz file go to Windows>>Extension Manager, then click on the red butonon in the lower left corner “Install Extension”, then browse in the downloaded .rbz file and click open.

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Hi Dezmo,
Well it’s not about EW2.0, it’s about the manual installation process which hasn’t changed…

I’m an extension developer, I know how to do it myself, but I want to be able to point users to a nice page with screenshots that explains step by step how to do it for dummies. I’d rather not re-invent the wheel when it is something that makes more sense to be provided by SketchUp. I’m sure that page used to exist!


… but the past tense is the point. :frowning:

@colin can you help?

I am checking with Jody.

Jody has a list of pages that need some love. The installing extensions page is now in that list.

Thanks Colin!