Extension install nightmare!

Hi Sketch up community,
I am having great difficulty with my extensions! If I try to down load an extension the usual box which pos up which statesINSTALL
then I click install extension and this is what i see
Asking me to name a file in downloads to put it into; ruby files are suggested as to where to place the extensions but the computer tells me no ruby files can be found?

I am consequently unable to download any extensions as I haven’t a clue what file name it is referring to. Can anyone help.
Many thanks

In your screen shot you show 4 files with the extension .rbz. Select the one you want to install, click Open, and continue from there. SketchUp does the rest. Nothing to it. No reason this should be a nightmare.

It looks like you’ve downloaded the same extension at least four times so if you are trying to install Sketchucation Tools, it won’t matter which one of those you choose.

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You have the "Extension Manager "open maybe you are used to installing extension directly via the “Extension Warehouse”? Both can be found in the “Window” menu.

I think I see what you trouble is.

In the new Extension Manager, the big red Install Extension button on the bottom of the window, is for manually installing RBZ extension archives.

You do NOT use it to automatically install or uninstall from the internal Extension Warehouse window.

To install from the internal Extension Warehouse window, you click the red Install button on the specific extension’s product page. (You do not even need the manager window open at all.)

:bulb: If this red button says “Download” instead of “Install”, then you are not logged in. So log in (aka Sign In, top right on EW toolbar.) When you do so your avatar menu will replace the Sign In link, and the page will be reloaded changing the “Download” button to an “Install” button.

We’ll use ThomThom’s 3D Text Editor product page as an example:

Before signing in …


After signing in …


To uninstall or update extension(s) that are already installed, you do this from the Manage tab of the Extension Manager.

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Let me add that, if you believe (or the EW window shows) that you are signed in, but things are not working for you, sign out and then sign back in again to reset the environment.

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Thank you I shall try this