[Vali Instant Roof Free] Incompatible with SU 2014 & higher (Ruby 2.x)

Hello, My name is Josh and I am new user. I am currently working an internship in Boise Idaho, but I go to Berea College in KY. I’m a technology and design student. I am trying to teach myself this system, and I’m doing okay but I’ve hit a bump in the road. I am using the free system, and I do not know how to download the free plugins for making roofs. My boss wants me to learn it and teach it to him, while he teaches me hand drafting. Can you help me find a sight to download all the plug ins I will need for construction. Thank you very much.

I found this sight, but there is a problem with SU 2014. Is this a Security Update, and how can I make it allow me to download?

Ok, you are using Win7 32bit on your laptop ?

You should be able to run SU2015 32-bit.

SketchUp (and most all applications,) need to be installed by running installers with elevated privileges. You right-click the installer, and “Run as administrator.”

SketchUp should itself be run “As Administrator”. Right click the program shortcut(s) and choose “Properties”.
Switch to the “Compatibility” panel. At the bottom, in the “Privilege Level” group, check “Run this program as an administrator.”

Downloading & Installing Extension

The Trimble SketchUp Extension Warehouse is integrated with SketchUp.
Window (menu) > Extension Warehouse

Since you have created an account here, you have an account there as well. You’ll just need to sign in from inside SketchUp, when the Extension Warehouse WebDialog opens.

It can automatically install and later uninstall or update extensions.

Manual Extension Installation

You download a ZIP or RBZ (which is just a renamed ZIP archive,) in the normal way. (It usually goes into your user “Downloads” folder accessible from your “Libraries” group in Explorer.)

Inside SketchUp, you open:
Window (menu) > Preferences (dialog) > Extensions (panel)
On the lower left of the panel, is a “Install Extension …” button, click it.
A file browser panel opens, with your “Libraries” group open.
Expand “Documents” > “Downloads”, and choose the rbz archive.
(If you are looking for a ZIP, you need to type “*.zip” in the filename box and hit enter, so they will be displayed, instead of just “*.rbz” files.)
Choose the plugin archive to install, and click the OK button.

Oh, I see. This plugin edition is only for older SketchUp versions < v2014 that run old obsolete Ruby 1.8.

For newer SketchUp version 2014 and higher that run current Ruby 2.x, the only available version is a commercial subscription version:

It is 39US per year, and it requires an internet connection (probably constant,) to use.


No Technical Issue with SketchUp 2014.

Extension in question is incompatible with Ruby 2.x, and has an newer commercial edition that is compatible.

Thank you. So I suppose I will have to eventually purchase it. Or could I possibly download that older program just to learn to use the roofing tools, before purchasing. Is the older program still available and is is free?

These are questions best asked in their forum:

I was intrigued by your question, because I have used InstantRoof (the free version) and I found it very useful. (I had to tweak the result a bit, because it was slightly off at the intersections of gables, but it saved me a ton of time.)

So I thought of a potential workaround:

I took a very complex model (i.e. lots of geometry) that I have been working on. I exported it from SU2015 and imported it into SU2008. There were a few small places where the import had gotten things messed up (not as bad in the kmz export as in the COLLADA export), but it basically worked.

So you could take your building…

  1. export it from SU2015
  2. import it to SU2008
  3. create the roof using the free InstantRoof extension
  4. delete the building, leaving only the roof
  5. save the roof model as a SketchUp file (v 2008)
  6. open the roof model in SU2015
  7. save the roof model as a SketchUp file (v 2015)
  8. pull the roof model into your building model in SU2015

(You could skip straight from step 5 to 8, ignoring 6 & 7, if you prefer.)

Would that be helpful?

I have a much better idea.

The intern’s architect boss should just buy a license for 39 dollars since they’ll be using it for commercial work. If they do not like the plugin, they just do not renew the license at the end of the subscription.