I need a workaround

I have Sketchup Make 2017 (I know, my profile says (SU Go). I have both. Right now I’m specifically referring to SU Make. I downloaded a paid Eneroth extension (I accessed of course through my browser). So far so good. I clicked install after payment. My account downloads show that the ext. is active. The problem is there is I can’t access the download file itself. I’m sure others have encountered this. Can anyone please offer a workaround?

Have you looked in the downloads folder?

If you’re referring to the downloads under my account, then yes. I shows everything I’ve downloaded, mostly free extensions. The paid extension also shows, but only that it’s active. But no download link.

Yes, I did all of that. When I click install I get this:

The problem is, I can’t open within Sketchup because, as we both know, Trimble has disabled that feature in legacy versions of SU.

You said you had downloaded the extension, how did you do that? Or were you able to buy the extension on extensions.sketchup.com in a browser, then not able to download the extension?

If you did download the extension, can you install it with Extension Manager?

Let me try again. I went through with the purchase, but after that, there was no offer to download. It then said as you can see from the image, “Success”. Then note that it also says; Open this page in Sketchup to install. How? When I go to the extension manager and click on the red ‘install extension’ button it’s not there because as I understand it, if I had a current SU version such as 2022 - 2024 it would load directly to that version.

I just saw your reply Colin. Yes, went to the website via my browser and made the purchase. When I clicked on install it said ‘Success’. But where did it download? Not on my computer.

Buying extensions from Extension Warehouse isn’t supposed to be possible, if you don’t have a Pro or Studio subscription, that’s something that may need to be fixed. I wonder if the problem was that you do have a subscription, but it doesn’t include the desktop application.

The difficulty is that the license is installed as part of installing from inside SketchUp. Using Extension Manager to install a free extension would work, but not a paid extension. As installing extensions inside 2017 doesn’t work any more, there may be no way to get the extension licensed.

I tried triggering a refund for you, but so far it still shows as the card settlement being pending. I can try again later, and when the payment has gone through the refund should happen.

I’m not sure what other extension you could use, or maybe Eneroth sells the extension via some other way.

it’s not the first time someone complained about that here, and yes, the paid extensions in the EW can only be downloaded there using an active supported SU install.

(message 51 onward).

someone that had a classic 21 could still buy an extension but not download it afterwards ?

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Thank you Colin for doing that for me. It was only $5. That’s not enough dough to put me out on the street. I think it’s more the principle of the whole thing. I’m angry with Trimble/Sketchup for being reckless about this whole policy change. There needs to be something in place that will caution customers before plunking down $$$ that you won’t have the means to download. I mean just because you made a purchase in good faith doesn’t mean you’re actually entitled to it. (Sorry, sarcasm I know) Sorry to rant, but this is really aggravating. If you can download free items with no issues, why not make purchased product available. As far as I’m concerned It’s a strong-arm approach to boost Trimble’s own bottom line. Anyway, I still really like Sketchup. I just don’t appreciate some of their business approaches. Thanks to all of you for trying to help.

I did get into a conversation with the main decision makers to do with Extension Warehouse, so they are aware that maybe we should alert people about the requirements to be able to actually install the extension, if you do go ahead and buy it.

The payment still shows as pending, I will try again later, or in the morning.


Thank you Colin. That’s very kind of you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s pretty late for me now, but I tried the refund before heading to bed. Looks like it was processed. Not sure when you will see something at your end.

Hello Colin. I actually received an email this morning confirming a refund. So again thank you for being helpful.

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