Unable To Reproduce Tutorial On My Computer

After several years not needing to use Sketchup, I’m trying to re-learn it for woodworking projects. I’m on an iMac. I’m getting a little - actually very - frustrated. After experiencing any number of problems, I finally found the tutorials, and am following the 1st one to build a playground set. So, I made the roof unit, and was adding the post. I created a rectangle on the underside face. Then clicked on it with the push-pull tool, exactly following the instructions. When I pull on it, it is not working the same as in the video. I pull out a post, but it does not have lines differentiating it at the top from the roof. So I can’t make it into a component – when I triple click I get the entire structure, not just the post. I promise I really, really did do exactly as the video said (I’m sure you’ve heard that before but I did!). I’m running this on Google Chrome browser Version 72. Help!!!

From what you describe it sounds like you’ve either missed grouping the geometry for the roof, see after about 5:30 in the Getting Start 2: Navigation video. Or you are opening the roof group to edit mode before starting to draw the post. Save and share your SketchUp file with us so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

Right you were DaveR! So I guess - not surprised - I didn’t follow tutorial exactly. Oh well…

FWIW I did get an automated response to my post which had a couple of recommendations for Mac users if things weren’t working right related to repairing one’s disk, and removing lines from the library. I did those steps and actually no repairs were needed and the lines weren’t there.

Thank you for your help!

I’m not sure what you are referring to and why it was suggesting repairing the disk. Glad you got it sorted though.

So did you miss making the group or did you open the group for editing before starting to model the post?

I missed making the group.

But now you’re gonna think I’m a mess. I can’t find that video. I went to the help center and that sent me to the YouTube channel. I can’t find the same series. And to be honest I thought that was not on YouTube, but somehow directly within the help center.

You’re obviously familiar with the video I was following. Could you send me a link or something?

That video is number two here:

Thank You Again!!!

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