[GUI] Mac Toolbar & Inspector Window Positioning Problems

The toolbars that are not playing nice are Thea Render, SU Podium, sketchukation, Layers Panel and SU Solids. I have to relocate them every time I open SketchUp 2015 Pro.

I also sometimes have to relocate my panels which end up migrating back to my other screen as I am using a multi-screen set up to gain more screen real estate.

Can someone please help me get this annoyance figured out???

I am using a brand new 2015 Macbook Pro 15" with all the bells and whistles. It flies, but I have been having this issue for years on my Macs.

Will SU ever come out with a tool that allows us to customize our toolbars like in Windows? I would love to be able to change even the shape or grid and direction of a toolbar that has lots of tools in it so it no longer bleeds off the page.

Looking to get some help on this ASAP!!!

I am also looking for a working version of Roof v2.1 or newer from Rick Wilson. Have you seen this work in Sketchup 2015?

Why do some of my toolbars have a mind of their own. Why do some of them move to my other screen (I have a dual screen setup) and I have to move them over every time I start SU?

What can I do to fix that? Is there a way to get my Materials to stay on the screen or to be there when I start SU? And can they be in the same place I place them everytime?

Are your toolbars docked or are they floating?
Have you tried changing the template? See link

Despite their reputation MACs can be a pain in the proverbial…
Especially regarding toolbar memory etc…
I use a PC and with the newer SketchUp versions I have no issues.
I also have a MAC for testing compatibilities, [Mavericks then Yosemite] and I too had toolbar-memory issues - at least until I changed to v2015.
Now they are remembered as I might hope.
But that’s just for the toolbars - other native-dialogs [like Materials] are NOT remembered - at least as they would be on a PC.
So if you want it to work exactly like a PC, then get a PC ???

Did that help ?

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I may be prepared to update a v2013 mac plugin that records all Toolbar positions for a one click reset if they get displaced…
it may also be possible to add the ‘Materials [Color] Window’ position into the mix…

IMHO, 4 of the 5 plugins you list should only be active when you are going to use them and then only one at a time…
also, if you return, add some screen shots of your ideal and the displaced setups…
help others help you, and at least be civil…

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I would love to send you a screen grab, but I am working with a dual screen setup. I seem to get a few SU Native Toolbars like Solids that show up on the secondary screen and I always have to move it. Some of the add-ons/plug-ins show up over there as well. It has been doing that on different computers and different versions of SU.

Is there a way on the MAC to lock the locations once I have set them? Is there a way to dock them?

I would also like to be able to go to MATERIALS and have it show up where I want it to on the secondary screen every time. instead I have to move it from primary to secondary every time.

I work with it everyday and become used to it. I would just like it fixed one of these days or a way to work with it to fix it myself.


I typically use the Architectural Design - Feet and Inches (Grey Background) as my working template. Is there something you suggest I do???

I just had a look at the v2013 plugin and it will need a little work to make it both v2015 and dual monitor friendly…
I may get some time tomorrow evening, and you will then need to test and respond if it’s going to work…

for the screen grabs set up your two screens >> open SU menu >> ‘Windows’ >> ‘Ruby Console’ and copy paste and hit return…

screencapture /tmp/screen1.png /tmp/screen2.png && open /tmp/*.png

it should show ‘both’ screens in Preview.app…


I will give it a try…send it to you in a few minutes…

Thank you.

Dana W. Rosenthal, AIA

Here you John…It did not work your way…so I did individual Shots for you…

is that what you always want?
or the displace version?

are you prepared to allow applescript to run to gain a solution?

it’s gone midnight here so i off to bed shortly…


Not sure what you mean…

Did you get both screens?? Please note that two show up on the left of the blank screen by themselves. I would like my materials panel to show to the left of all of my user windows that are on the right side of the blank screen in between them and the layers panel.

Thank you.

Dana W. Rosenthal, AIA

I got both screens but neither shows the ‘Colors’ window in you ‘ideal’ position, nor it seems where you want ‘all’ the toolbars, two are displaced [?]…

so… move everything to where you want them and do another grab…
the Applescript question was simply if you are prepared to enable Applescript to move windows or not, by default it is now turned off, and requires admin account to turn it on, I may not need it but if I do it’s nice to know if your happy for it to be on

I just noticed your second screen has the mail menu…
looking in Apple it says…

If you need an app window to span multiple displays, deselect the option “Displays have separate Spaces” in the Mission Control pane of System Preferences.

have you done that?


I am not sure…I had mail open at the same time and then I closed it down after following your instructions…

Thank you.

Dana W. Rosenthal, AIA

Will turning on the AppleScript affect anything else or have an adverse affect?

Thank you.

Dana W. Rosenthal, AIA

Here are the new screen grabs…

So I changed the Mission Control thing and now everything stays where I want it. Even the Materials Panel too.

That is so weird.

But I also like to have the top bar and my dock on my second screen. Is there anything you know of that will make that work at the same time too?

Thanks so far…