Request to Update SU to allow Extension Toolbars to be arbitrarily placed

Hello all,

I have the unpleasant experience of having to reposition multiple toolbars (for various extensions) each time I open SketchUp 2015. This is painfully burdensome and time consuming; the problem did not occur in my use of SU 5,6,8, 2013 or 2014. I recently learned that this is an issue for other SketchUp users also. This occurrence is particularly problematic for me because I use SU in a professional capacity and a few years ago I consciously determined to eschew using AutoCad and Vectorworks within my architectural practice in favor of an exclusive utilization of SketchUp. Although I am not suggesting that I have a significant reason to reverse my decision, I am concerned about the necessity of revisiting toolbar distribution repeatedly in using the premiated software.

I would like to ask the development team to include the ability to strategically place each toolbar (whether native to SU or add on) wherever the user elects with the assurance that these toolbars will always appear in the last defined position. It would be great if this request could be accommodated in a soon to be released update. Any consideration in this regard will be very much appreciated. Thanks

A link to a previously posted forum discussion is provided to further illustrate the issue.

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What OS are you using? Windows or OSX?

Under Windows they stay put in my case. Under OSX the extension toolbars used to be forgotten in previous versions, but was fixed in SU2015.

I wonder what might cause this - sounds like a bug, regression.

I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate on a 64 bit PC.
Nvidia Quadro 3000M graphics card, dual monitor display
Intel Core i5-2520 M CPU@ 2.50 GHz
Installed memory 16.0 GB
SketchUp 2015 v15.2.685 64-bit

I had initially encountered the same problem with SU 2013 but resolved it soon after discovering it by setting up a startup template with all the toolbars where I wanted them. That technique does not work for me in this case.

But toolbar configuration isn’t something that is saved with the templates…

I see that the template does not affect toolbar configuration…I wish it
was that simple to resolve.