Where is the save Toolbar location button?

Where is the save Toolbar location button? I can’t seam to find it? Every time I open SU 2017 it keeps throwing them all over the place and does not stay where I put them?
Thanks !

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There is no save toolbar position button.

How are you leaving your SU session - SU crashing, saving file and closing, etc?

Have you updated your graphic driver via the Nvidia website?

Thanks, That’s what I thought, it doesn’t exist anymore. I guess now automatic and not needed. Yes you are right, I had to update the Registry settings via the Sketchup link. Its much more stable now and all the toolbars mostly stay where they are suppose to be. Thanks for your reply.

There’s never been a save toolbar position button.

A few versions ago, some people had issues with this (never my computer though) and the SU development has made notable stability improvements for the previously affected computers.

As a Make user, you would have to report a bug here. If you want, document what’s going on (system info, screen captures, document your registry change - seems odd you needed to do this, etc) and report back with the information. Some people may be interested…

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There was a ‘Save Toolbar Position’ ‘Restore Toolbar Position’ menu item added in SU8.
This was introduce to help solve the toolbar mayhem that would occur whenever the window size was changed.
I believe it was removed when SU2013 was released as they had solved the toolbar issues.

It seems that with 2017 on some system you need to actually Save a file with your toolbar positions before they will fully stick. SU should remember the way you had things set up on the last instance closed, but if that doesn’t work try doing a Save as Template.

I don’t remember that button as I never experience this issue.

There was another issue with some computers not remembering toolbar position over time, not just window resizing. That was rather annoying for those individuals.

Hi guys I just got the blue screen of death, my SSD packed it in so I bought a new rig. Unfortunately in the new Sketchup 2021 I am not getting toolbars to save. Is anyone getting the same?

You might need to explain a bit more what your issue is, but generally if the toolbars are not staying where you put them it can be a permissions issue. Your new rig may have some differences to your old system. Did you install 2021 using the , right click, run as admin method?
I can PM my phone number if you want since we are in roughly the same timezone.

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Thanks Box, I did a rush install as I had 30 things to reload after the dreaded Blue Screen of death…
I got back this morning and closed all Versions of Sketchup (toolbars the way I wanted them) and closed. I reopened and the same thing. It turned out there was a Sketchup file open that was frozen in the background, I force closed it and reopened Sketchup. Toolbars did not save.
I then ensured I only had one version of Sketchup open, I used the view menu and ticked (as opposed to right-clicking toolbar space) the required tools and then saved the file ( not as a template). I closed Sketchup and reopened and now my toolbars are where they should be.

In my case, the key to remembering toolbar positions was:

  1. Open one Sketchup file only (multiple Sketchup files created my issue)
  2. Use View>Toolbars>tick required tools
  3. Position tools
  4. Save the Sketchup file
  5. Close and reopen Sketchup

Normally, that 4th step shouldn’t be necessary.
The last instance closing controls how it looks.

Sometimes the failure to remember preferences - like toolbar positions - is indicative of having installed SketchUp improperly; although this usually results in folder/file permission errors too…

To correctly install SketchUp in Windows…
While you are logged in to Windows using your normal user-account, ensure that SketchUp is closed.
Find the relevant SketchUp installer’s exe file - usually in your Downloads folder ?
Select the installer’s exe file icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose ‘Repair’ [for an existing installation, or ‘Install’ for a new installation]
When it’s finished retry SketchUp…

Installing a complex app in any other way can lead to all kinds of weird issued usually harking back to permissions…
So never ‘Run’ and installer by double-clicking its exe icon, it’s not the same thing - even if your Windows user-account has admin powers…

Doing the ‘Repair’ should not affect anything like extensions that you have already installed or working preferences otherwise…

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Thanks Tig, yep that did the trick.