Locking toolbars


Hi guys, I updated my Sketchup version after quite some time so I jumped from version 8 to 2014. Before, when I was setting the toolbars there was an option to freeze them in that position, which I cant find in the new version, does anyone know how to lock the position of the toolbars as I put them and not have them dissapear/move each time I close the program?




That lock option was removed when they changed the toolbar manager. Assuming you’ve installed SketchUp correctly, you shouldn’t have the issue that was common in SU8 of toolbars getting scrambled.

Why did you update to SketchUp 2014?

By the way, your profile indicates you are using the web-based version and the license type and graphics card information is incorrect. Please complete and correct your profile.



Hi Dave, what I was trying to say is that in SU8 I was able to lock them and now I can’t.
I updated because I have friends learning too and they were using other versions and I could never open files, is there something wrong about that version?
I’ll look into my profile details.



Exactly. And I wrote:

because the Lock Toolbar option isn’t needed anymore. The bugs that resulted in the need for locking toolbar position was dealt with by getting rid of the old toolbar manager and the new one doesn’t need that lock.

There are some features that no longer work and it’s quite old by software standards.

Thank you. It’s still not right. There is no 2014 web version. What is the graphics card?