How to lock UI setup/trays/toolbars etc

Hey all,

Still fairly new to SketchUp, but I just upgraded to 2017 and everything UI-wise is a clean slate.

Is there way to set-up all my trays/toolbars/preferences and save that for every next time I open it
does it automatically save to a scene/model?

Thanks for any help.

Toolbar locations and the trays are automatically saved to the Registry. You don’t need to do anything in that regard. You can make your own template for camera position, style settings and units if you want. Once you’ve made the settings use File>Save as template to save the changes.

Has this toolbar issue been resolved in SketchUp 2023 Pro.
when working in a file it is very easy to grab a tool bar and screw-up the entire Workspace.
I recall some time ago that the Toolbars could be locked. Am I smoking a bad substance or what?

… what issue ? OP is asking if they need a specific solution to “fix” their workspace, and Dave says “yes, do it once, quit, and it should be the same next time you start again”

well it’s… not a frequent issue here, but whenever I move something, I just move it back.

there was a freeze option way back … idk, pre trimble ? that got removed when they revamped the toolbars.

edit : found a confirmation, it’s old old SU.

Corrected. Thanks for the heads-up.