How To Save Custom Toolbars and Trays?

I recenlty upgraded to v2017. I created a toolbar layout, and new tray. After a saved shutdown, I re-opened, and the trays & toolbars are gone.

This sounds typical of an incorrect installation. When you installed SketchUp, did you do it correctly by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator? If not, do so now and select the Repair option when it pops up. Make sure you have closed both SketchUp and LayOut before doing this.

Please complete your profile correctly with the graphics card in your computer (“whatever” doesn’t cut it.) as well as the version of windows and the version of SketchUp Pro you are using.

The problem seems to have gone away. I am able to create and save a tray, though ‘My Tray’ will not be deleted, perhaps that’s a default.

And the tool bars are returning properly on start-up. I do wish they would stay put when I change the window size of SketchUp, that seems to be a bug.

As for the profile page, I don’t see an area to enter the info about version and OS. Where do you see ‘whatever’?

Do you see Delete Tray?

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delete is not an option for some strange reason:

got the profile showing, but can’t edit the info

Your screen shot shows SketchUp. You refer to LayOut in your thread title and first post. Which one are you talking about?

In SketchUp go to Window>Manage Trays. Select “My tray” and hit the Delete button.

This is a very minor issue, but I’ll continue in the pursuit of debugging. Yes, SketchUp 2017, not Layout. Under manage trays the delete option is greyed out.

Also, in my Profile section I am able to expand/see the ‘whatever’ but I can’t edit the entry.

So this isn’t about LayOut at all? I’ll move the thread to the appropriate forum and edit the title.

Did you select the tray you want to delete as shown in my screen shot?

Did you install SketchUp correctly as I asked in my first post?

Click on your avatar (L in the cyan circle) in the upper right corner of the forum screen. Then click on the gear. Then Profile on the left side. Scroll down to the IT questions.

Manage Trays - yes & yes. I am sole user and my account is admin. I don’t want to re-install and lose my shortcuts, toolbars, styles, etc.

Profile- got the info but it will not edit or delete.

That’s not the same as using Run as administrator. If you didn’t use Run as administrator, you didn’t install SketchUp correctly.

Since it seems you think I’m feeding you a line, read this:

You won’t lose them if you use the Repair option.

Because you aren’t looking in the right place.

Click on the L in the cyan circle in the upper right corner of the page. then click on the gear icon.

Then click on Profile.

Scroll down and edit the IT questions.

Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the blue button labeled Save Changes.

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No I don’t think you’re ‘feeding me a line’, I just want to avoid a re-install if possible. Is there a way I can see if SU was installed using “run as administrator”?

I read the link- as it gets down into comments by sketch3d_de, but that kind of stuff goes beyond my pay grade.

Good news on the profile- I was able to update, thanks for you persistence. I hope you are getting paid for this.

Not really. Just reinstall it to be on the safe side. You won’t lose anything and it only takes a minute.

Thanks for updating your profile.

That would be nice.

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