Toolbar not Docking


I’m having an issue with locking my toolbars. I setup the way I want the toolbars and every time I start sketchup 2015 the toolbars are gone and it’s back to the single bar up top. How do I keep them from resetting every time I exit Sketchup?


are you on mac? if so, what toolbars aren’t staying put? some plugins aren’t written correctly for mac and the toolbars won’t remember their on/off state.


I am having the same issue. I am on a brand new macbook pro with fresh installs of everything.

The toolbars that are not playing nice are Thea Render, SU Podium, sketchukation, Layers Panel and SU Solids. I have to relocate them every time I open SketchUp 2015 Pro.

I also sometimes have to relocate my panels which end up migrating back to my other screen as I am using a multi-screen set up to gain more screen real estate.

Can someone please help me get this annoyance figured out???