Disappearing Toolbars

I am having an issue with SK toolbars getting lost. The toolbar pallet tells me that they are enabled but they do not appear on my workspace. Is there a way to reset the toolbars for they just go back to a default state? I have dual screens but they are nowhere on either screen.

On Mac or on Windows?

Win 10 Pro
Sketchup Pro 2023

Also this issue happens to different toolbars FlexTools, Profile Builder, Sandbox Tools, nzConvert
It does not seem like an extension problem but more of a Sketchup or Windows or combination of both.

Sounds typical of insufficient permission being granted by Windows. Try repairing the installation. Close SketchUp, find the installer in your Downloads folder, right click on it, choose Run as administrator. When the option is presented, choose Repair. Then open SketchUp and position your toolbars as needed. Open a model file and then save it or make a nw test file and save it. Then try quitting SketchUp and reopening it. See what happens.

Funny you should mention that. We just tried that right before contacting you. It did bring back one of the missing toolbars (FlexTools), but the others are still MIA.

It sounds like some of your toolbars have found their way to a place between screens.
With some parts of the workspace this can be rectified by using Window/Preferences/Workspace/Reset Workspace.
But this often has no effect on toolbars.
There is the Alt+Spacebar option, but this also can fail with toolbars.

You may have to use the manual method. Which is basically to use the Display settings to move the screens around in virtual space to track down the errant toolbars and move them back.

That is a great suggestion and have tried that this morning. I see how it would likely be that but after about an hour of pecking around moving the virtual screens we have mostly given up. My last ditch effort is to see if anyone knows if there is a ruby command line that can be plugged in to the console that would just reset the toolbar.
Otherwise we might just uninstall sketchup and install a new fresh copy and redo all the extensions again (YUK!!!). This is a real pain and would respectfully ask sketchup to help its users find a easier way to migrate their extensions to their new installs.