Some tools dissapeared from the screen

The problem is that some tools, extensions, and plugins disappeared from the screen. For example, I select views (from the tools menu) to choose front view, etc, and the views window never appears. I checked in the toolbar menu that the views window is open, but I can’t find it on the screen. Same with the Profile Builder plugin, S4U weld (I bought it), and several others. I have reinstalled some plugins, and the same thing happens. So, I am limited in using the program as I can’t use several tools, even the ones I have purchased. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Do you use more than one monitor?

Yes. I turned off one of them, restarted the PC, and still without seeing the tools.

Get the 2nd monitor back and (in windows settings) temporary change who is the MAIN monitor to see lost toolbars

Thank you, push18. It works for two lost toolbars. Maybe I must do this several times to recover the other ones.!!

This worked for someone else recently:

Your profile says you are using 2022 so of course you would look in the appropriate directory.

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PERFECT!!!.. I recovered all the toolbars!!! And I didn’t lose any of the plugins installed previously. Thank you a lot DaveR!!

How did you do it?

I was following the step-by-step that you posted. I closed SU, went to AppData, and renamed the preference file. Then I reinstalled SU from the .exe that I found on downloads…and it worked perfectly.

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@thomthom Is this issue logged as a bug somewhere? I thought that the Reset Workspace command was supposed to reset all toolbar positions including extension toolbar positions.

I’ve been helping one of our customers (using SU2023 with multiple monitors) recover his toolbar positions for one of our extensions it was ridiculous what he had to do to reset the toolbars.

Why doesn’t the Reset Workspace command do this automatically? I thought several SU versions ago, this worked for toolbars.

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