My tools are gone

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my tools.
A large part have disappeared while they are well checked (see image).
I reset my workspace and even reinstalled Sketchup but still nothing. I only have one screen and so I don’t think it can be out of mine.
I searched the internet and the forum but couldn’t find anything.

Before this bug appeared I closed all vray and Vraynui windows via the task manager because I wanted to completely close Vray, I don’t see why that would have a relation but maybe it helps.

If you have any idea where my tools went I would be delighted.

For a start your window is showing that it is not the full screen in your screenshot.

my window is however in full screen

That’s kinda my point.
If the window is off screen you need to fix that.

do you have any idea how to change this?

Usually double-clicking on the (blue) title bar at the top of the app resets it to full screen. Not saying that will definitely work, but try it anyhow. It can’t hurt.

I redid a screenshot but full this time, because I don’t understand what makes you say that my window is not in full screen.

I tried double clicking but it didn’t change anything.

I didn’t specify it but I uninstalled and reinstalled the plugins before posting here.

You’ll have to add them again, I recommend you to create a custom tool bar with the tools you use more frequently and if you work with plug-ins frequently use the customize tool bar plugin to add your most used ones there, that way you’ll have only two tool bars in case this happens again you’ll have to add just two toolbars.

I just did that but the problem is that I have tools that no longer appear and therefore I can’t add them to my new toolbar.
On the first image you can see that the bac à sable (sandbox) tool is checked but does not appear anywhere and that is the problem.
I just downloaded the plugin you are talking about, it’s fine to put my plugin tools in but I would like the natives to be in the top bar so it doesn’t clutter the screen.