Please help recover my tool bar


I’m very sorry to bother you all with what I assume is a very simple issue. I need immediate help. I have lost my tool bar and can’t find any info on getting it back on my screen. Please help.


It is helpful to provide system configuration details to better support your request and you don’t specify which toolbar is missing. Multiple toolbars are available under the SketchUp native toolset.

Have you tried this yet?

Go to:
View->Toolbars (a new Toolbars dialog box window opens)
Make sure that the desired toolbars have the boxes next to their names checked.

If the toolbar does not show up immediately, perform a zoom extents operation to recapture any portion of the file that may exist offscreen.

Come back and inform us as to whether this works or not.


Sometimes toolbars get hidden beneath other windows (such as the various inspector windows.)


Mine did this as well, the toolbar simply disappeared, although I may of pressed a wrong keystroke by accident. I use the in-browser version of SketchUp, so this is different from the downloaded version.
I made sure that I was completely zoomed out from the browser window, as that will often hide things without you realizing it. After that, I clicked on the “help” button, and then “launch welcome tour.” For me, this reset the viewing of the toolbar on the left and right side to normal and I was able to view and access my tools.
I hope this will help someone in the future as well.