Tool bar disappear on Sketchup2023

My colleague has a problem with using SketchUp2023 on windows10.After he added tool bars and closed SU and reopen it, they are gone. He is using note PC(as main one) and another display and mainly using another display with opening SU. Should he open it on the screen of note PC? It would be great if someone give me some advice.


usually, to save toolbars position, you have to save the model file once before closing. try positioning a few (to avoid doing all over again for nothing), save the model (even if empty) anywhere, and try to open sketchup again.

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Hi paul, he did as you said, but it didn’t work.
After he closed and reopened SketchUp on the screen of his note PC, tool bars had been still on it.
So, we will see how it goes for a while.
Thank you for your advice anyway.

This may be a permissions issue related to how sketchup was installed.
A repair may fix it.
With sketchup amd layout closed find the downloaded installation file. Probably in the Downloads folder. A new copy can be downloaded from Here if needed.
Select the file, right click on it and choose Run as Administrator (or the equivalent in your language) follow prompts and choose repair when given the option.
Once done cold boot the computer. (Turn off and turn on again rather than Restart.)
Doing this will not change extensions etc it fixes things in the background.

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Does the [menu] Window > Preferences show?
There is a tab with Workspace with ‘reset workspace’ option.
If that that panel is of screen, too, one might get it back with the Alt+Spacebar method.
When the toolbars are rearranged, closing or exiting SketchUp should remember the positions.
They are stored in a preferences json in the AppData, which doesn’t get restored by doing a repair (or remove) of the installation.

Most of the times, detaching the second monitor and starting SketchUp again will work, too.

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Or by resetting the workspace.

Mike is referring to this when he says Alt+Spacebar method.

Correct, all the settings that are stored in the json preferences files are loaded upon opening SketchUp, changes made during the session (of that instance) are stored back when closing/exiting that session.

The wording is getting confusing.
I was just trying to say that reset workspace doesn’t reset toolbars.

Hi Box, it would be difficult to run as Administrator as PC belongs to the company. it means we’re not arrowed to touch the system. thanks for your advice.

Hi Mike, there is ‘reset workspace’ button on Preference. But my colleague said, after he closed and reopened SketchUp on the screen of his note PC, tool bars had been still on it. so we will see how it goes. If the same thing happens again, we will try to do as you said. thanks for your advice.

thanks for your explanation. And I understood it.

All the more reason to get the company IT department to Run the Installer as Admin. IT tend to limits things deliberately and permissions is one that can make sketchup behave strangely.

I think you’re right. we’re should ask IT department. Thank you again.