Toolbars all scrambled not staying in place upon each restart of Skechup


Does anyone have issues with toolbars not staying in place upon each restart of SU ?

The 64 bit version of SketchUp 2015 is installed (v15.3.331) on Win8 x64. It’s been working smoothly so far an no issues to report really. No plugins or extensions have been installed in weeks, so nothing new.

It is a very unpleasant experience of having to reposition toolbars each time, and totally break one’s workflow :confounded: :angry: .

Is there a file that contains the parameters somewhere on the system that can be backed up and would allow to copy/paste back when this type of real annoying issue his happening ? Thanks for your help if you have any info on the topic :slight_smile:


Hi @Luds

I had a similar issue but was able to resolve it after some tinkering. My issue was caused by recurring load errors from plugins. If your issue has a similar cause, these links may be of interest. Have a look at the following threads:


@jvleearchitects, thank you, I’ll look into those more thoroughly. However so far reading the post you mentioned, it seems those applied for people having problems with loading plugins. In my case I get no errors from plugins. Thank you anyway. Really appreciate :smiley:


Sorry that the post didn’t help.


you can backup and restore the (whole) SU preferences by using our free ‘BackUp Prefs’ support tool f. Windows.

no installation, no nagware, no malware.


@jvleearchitects not at all. I appreciate the time you took to compose a reply so thank you :grinning:


@sketch3d_de. Cheers for pointing BackUp Prefs 1.15 f. Windows, for one moment I got excited as I thought this was a solution to the problem.

Unfortunately, in my case the little app does not save anything at all. First I left the directory where the data is saved by default (documents) - nothing.

Then I created a folder on the desktop, and re-did a Backup test - Nothing. The option of SketchUp 2014 is greyed out (I had it installed before SketchUp 2015 but it has been uninstalled since). Clicking on 2015, which applies to my system - Nothing is created. (I am running SketchUp 2015 (v15.3.331) on Win8 x64, and no modification was made at time of setup - normal setup ie: C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015).

Attached is a picture of the window I get:


works fine for me under W8.1 w/ SUP15 saving to the Desktop.

please keep in mind, that there is no confirmation dialog, i.e. just a .REG file should be created at the selected location.


Hi sketch3d_de. In my case no file is saved at all in the folder. No .reg file, nothing. Blank.

Watching again the picture I posted above, I noticed that BackUp Prefs 1.15 f. Windows seems to “think/look” for SketchUp 2014. The reason why I am assuming this is that the option to select that version is greyed out. (I had SU 2014 installed before but uninstalled it a while ago when 2015 was released. The 2 versions of SU never coexisted together, as I uninstalled 2014 before installing 2015).

Confirming I have SU 2015 installed and I can still manually select 2015 in BackUp Prefs 1.15 f. Windows. I had not noticed before, but after having clicked on “Backup” there is a message error, I had not paid attention to before, as seen on the 5th line of the photo above : “Backup failed”.

Is it possible that BackUp Prefs 1.15 f. Windows is looking for remnants of SU 2014 ?


found & fixed… dumb error in initializing a variable 8^#

should work now, re-download new rev 1.16 and check

thanks for the heads up


Yeah !!! saving the preferences now works, and BackUp Prefs 1.16 f. Windows fixes the issue.

Thank you to @sketch3d_de for developing such a great app, and also for such a prompt response in making alterations. Life is beautiful again :stuck_out_tongue:. Thank you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !!!