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I got a bugsplat and when I opened SU2017 again… my toolbars were everywhere. Any thoughts?

Did you send in the Bug Splat with some identifying info? someone from the team could find it and tell you what probably happened.

This configuration often signifies a load error of some sort. It seems obvious that you have a number of plugins installed. You should remove them one at a time and reinstall each to make sure that no load errors occur. Before doing anything, however, be sure to log in as an administrator. (Did you initially install SU as an administrator…if not, then reinstall the program and “Run as Administrator” or REPAIR and then click “Run as Administrator”.

When you get this all sorted out, save the plugin arrangement (along with toolbar setup) to your template of choice. This should fix their locations in place no matter what skp file you open after that.

oh drat, I didn’t include anything when I sent it :confused: nuts.

Next time.

indeed. On the bright side of things, I got to re-organize my toolbar! Cleaned up a few I don’t use.

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Unfortunately, toolbar visibility states, arrangements and locations are saved into the registry on Windows, and a plist file on Mac. Model templates have nothing to do with this.

Instead, the default stacking of floating toolbars indicates that the SketchUp startup routine believes the registry settings are invalid, and has gone back to “factory defaults” as if all of the extensions were being loaded for the first time.

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I stand corrected.

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