Another "how to move toolbars" question?

I’m getting back into Sketchup after a lapse of some time. I’m forgetting some of the most fundamental things it seems. Here’s a screen shot of my menu bar. Like a lot of other users have found, occasionally the toolbar will disappear from where I generally keep it to the left margin and stick on top.

But there is no place that accepts a cursor click to drag and drop. It seems to be lacking a dark margin on top to grab onto. No matter where I click to grab the tool bar nothing happens.

Any help?


When you installed SU, did you right-click on the installer > Run as Administrator? This is needed to tell the installer you grant permission to make changes to the registry, like saving toolbar positions.

One way to fix without uninstalling the program is to right-click on the installer again > Run as Administrator and choose the Repair option.

There is a dotted line on a toolbar, if you hoover over the cursor should be change like this:
image image


The magnified and marked version of your screenshot…
so you have it…

please correct your profile as your sreenshot showing you are using SU 2020