Extension toolbars resetting / ('Run as Administrator')

SU pro 2017

Hi All,

Anybody else had this happen?

This morning I started up sketchup to continue a project I started on Friday (I went away and therefore have not touched the PC all weekend), and all my toolbars (I have quite a lot open, all positioned as I like them…) had reset to just a cascading mess. Some which I use were not open and some were open which I do not use. It was as if something had disrupted the toolbar save positions. Anybody got any ideas on this?

Just now it crashed after a days work (yes I had saved it!) and after I restarted it was reset once again. Infuriating you must understand…

When you installed SU, did you r-click on the installer > Run as Administrator? This is needed to tell the installer you grant permission to make changes to the registry, like saving toolbar positions.

One way to fix without uninstalling the program is to r-click on the installer again > Run as Administrator and choose the Repair option.


I’ll try that thanks but I’ve had the toolbar positions unchanged for months… The only thing that’s changed recently is installing a vray demo and the clocks going back (I’m in the UK)

Was Vray installed via an installer? If so, did you r-click on that .EXE > Run as Administrator?

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Happens to me too sometimes. I think it might be connected to setting focus to other windows while SketchUp is loading but I’m not sure.

I don’t believe I did click on run as administrator. I’l try uninstalling vray and see if the tool bars stay put.

@eneroth3 I have noticed that sketchup pulls priority over other windows when loading up, why does it do that do strongly (compared with other software)?

Oh and thanks for the answers btw, it may seem like a small thing but when it happens it really disrupts your workflow/headspace

Hi Ian,

The toolbar positions and their displayed/not displayed state are held in the Registry. What you describe sounds like those registry keys are getting overwritten or rewritten. Maybe it’s due to Vray but is it possibly something else? Did you install SketchUp with Run as administrator?

As for the focus during launch, it can be annoying indeed. There have been requests to allow SketchUp and the extensions to load without stealing focus from other programs. Maybe that’ll get changed.

Solved … so it was indeed the fact that vRay was not installed as right click ‘run as administrator’.

This points me to the crux of so many issues that users have ‘getting on’ with Sketchup not working as it ‘should’ …can Sketchup/Trimble devs change the installer(s) to only work with admin rights? I’m guessing that might be problematic for users who don’t have admin rights…

… or at least a warning saying when installing that ‘only administrator installed Sketchup related/linked software/plugins will work as intended’ Sounds ridiculous to me… but it should be put in red capital letters somewhere. It feels that important.

It would be nice actually if we could have a ‘save toolbar positions’ option in the preferences somewhere, like the export .dat file for the shortcuts? Then we could load up different work spaces for different porpoises, I mean purposes…

You don’t need to be logged in as Admin to install but you do need to right click on SketchUp’s installer and use Run as administrator. The same for Vray. Being logged in with Admin rights is not the same as Run as administrator. There are a number of threads on this topic so I won’t belabor that point.

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That sort of thing has been requested.

And it is mentioned as a Note on the installation help page. Could be larger and flashing red tho.

Yeah with big cheesy flashing stars around it…

I’m puzzled by this issue- not because I don’t understand the need for elevated rights during install, but because it seems like the installer should get errors if it doesn’t have adequate rights to change what it needs to change. I’m not a Windows registry expert. Is there no error return in this situation? Or is it that the installers silently ignore the errors?

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and again… I don’t know the reason this time. I’m almost pulling my hair out here today, with the ‘outdated extensions’ popup (logging out and back in hasn’t helped) and resetting toolbars on every reboot. I’m getting very scatty with all this.

When I think of it I think this has also happened to me when launching two new instances of SketchUp simultaneously. Are you doing that?

No I’m not using two instances. However it does seem to have been happening when the application crashes. As DaveR mentioned he wonders if the registry corrupts itself somehow? Could it bee on too ‘late’ or high a hierarchy level when saving it’s state? Do I even know what I’m talking about!? The registry must be corrupted at some point. The tools you see in the screen shot are both ones I have open and ones I don’t have open… very mixed up… Does that happen to yours?

Mine are also a mix of toolbars that should be shown and toolbars that should be hidden. There might even be toolbars of extensions that I’e disabled there. However it happens quite seldom to me and I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

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