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I recently got a new desktop and downloaded SketchUp pro on here. When I went to customising my toolbars it wouldn’t stay to what I changed when I re-open SketchUp. This is very annoying and I can’t remember what I did with my last computer that was different than what I already tried on here. If someone knows how to fix this please let me know!

Thank you!


When you installed SketchUp, did you do it correctly using Run as administrator from the right click menu?


When you installed did you right click the installer and run as administrator, if you didn’t I would try that first. I don’t know another reason that the toolbars won’t stay.

Ah, Dave got there first.


And the other option, did you close one instance of sketchup with another one open with different settings.
The last one closed will be how the new one opens.


Do you mean to re-install SketchUp to do that or is there a setting I can change without doing that?


If you didn’t use Run as administrator when you installed, do it now. It will reinstall SketchUp. Select the repair option when it comes up.


To add to @DaveR above: When you choose the “repair” option, it does just that - repair the installation - it’s not an uninstall followed by a re-install, thus you shouldn’t lose any customizations/preferences/installed extensions.


I’ve never heard of “Run” before, is that an add-on to SketchUp? And where do I find it?


As I said before, right click on the installer. Run as administrator will show in the right click menu.

See this:


Oh I am sorry, I found it. Its repairing now. Thank you so much for all your help!


Alright! It worked! Thank you so much!


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