Toolbars scrambled

Hi everyone!
When I open my design, any design, my toolbars and default tray are suddenly gone, or the various tools are ‘loose’ in my screen. This is since yesterday. SketchUp crashed several times yesterday for no apparent reason. After putting everything back in the right place, I don’t get the correct settings saved in the rest of my models. I always start SketchUp with the wrong settings. Who has the answer?

Hi, I’ve seen this in class last week.

Basically, when you install a software, even if your account is an admin account, you should right click on the installer and “run as administrator”.

most people don’t, especially if your main account is also the admin account.

What you could try, in my case it fixed it, is to download the installer again. Run it as administrator, and it will offer you the choice of repairing your existing installation.
it will mostly repair permissions (as far as I understand).

One thing to know, Sketchup remembers the position of everything when you properly close it.
Say you open SU, and you add 4 toolbars, and then it crashes, when it reopens, the interface will be the previous one.
Your bug might be of this kind, a crash combined with some files not having the proper permission.

In any case, repairing the install will either fix it or eliminate this possibility.