SketchUp 2016 is here!

Hi everybody,

As you may have noticed, we flipped a switch on our website and made a few things better, including SketchUp. Today, you can download SketchUp 2016.

You can also read about it on our website, on our blog, and in our release notes.

We’re excited about this new version of SketchUp; we hope you are too!

Tommy, on behalf of the SketchUp Team


Very nice Tommy!


My MacBook Pro died a few weeks ago, after I fed it some coffee. I had to buy a new machine, and the new one doesn’t know my SketchUp Pro 2015 license. I have an email with the 2014 license details in it. How would I find my 2015 details?

It appears that SU 2016 is only available in the 64-bit version. While this is probably a good thing, I want to be sure that the problems previously encountered with the 64-bit version have been fixed.

In SU2015 many systems with Intel integrated video adapters experienced disappearing skp files. This would repeatedly occur until the 64-bit version was removed and replaced with the 32-bit version. @Tommy or @yogesh , can either of you confirm whether this issue has been addressed in SU2016? Or maybe there is a download site for a 32-bit version of SU 2016?


You can download the 32-bit version from


Thanks for the timely response @ChrisDizon. I appreciate the d/l info, but the preferable solution is to have the 64-bit version be fully functional with the Intel integrated video adapter. Any positive news on that front?

No Magic Mouse support on Mac yet? I’m really disappointed…

2016 looks amazing (because it has an amazing team behind it!).

Congrats!! :clap:


New inference engine is a big change and very usefull for modelig work!

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Thanks SketchUp and LayOut team for bringing a LayOut API to SketchUp. Skalp will do nice things with it in the near future!

The Skalp team.


SketchUp looks better on High DPI displays, but it’s only halfway done in this release. Some of the text in the UI isn’t scaled properly (for example, the shadows and layers toolbars are much tinier). In other areas, correctly scaled text is cropped or cut off because the UI elements themselves haven’t been scaled up. This is apparent in some of the trays (text in tabs and drop down menus is cut off/cropped).

The 3D interface itself is still at the original scale, meaning lines are super thin and points are difficult to see.

I’m on a laptop with a 15" 4K monitor, running Windows 10. This release kind of makes me wonder if anyone at Trimble actually tested it on a 4K screen that small, which surprises me, given the popularity of these displays lately. I hate to be that one guy who just complains- I still love SketchUp, but I dislike scaling back to 1080p and having a slightly blurry monitor.


Tried to upgrade. I have the SUPro2015 bought directly from Trimble in May of this year. It’s installed and working great. The upgrade to 2016 page does not recognize the license number which I copy from their email at the time. What gives. I’m a single user and although the license is commercial, I’m really a user for personal projects!!! Help… Anyone?

Licenses are version specific. You will need to contact Trimble to get a 2016 license.

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Why is this thread not sticky at the top of the forum? :grinning:

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Many thanks for the feedback, @aeyaros. We spent a lot of time revising the graphics pipeline so that it could better support High DPI resolutions – which is a very careful process since the code base is mature and graphics is at the core. But there’s still room to improve. We currently call this out in our Hardware and Software Requirements article:

SketchUp is DPI aware and can adjust the sizes of Icons so they are sized correctly for High DPI screens. Icon’s are sized when SketchUp starts up. If you adjust your DPI or scaling (Microsoft Windows – but only up to 150%) you will need to restart SketchUp to see correctly sized Icons. Note that SketchUp does not yet scale elements in the drawing window which may result in very small elements on very large screens.

Hi @Hiram – I tried searching for your license via email and name, but I couldn’t pull up any results. Feel free to fill out our Resend License form so our team can take a closer look.

Haha. This was my call. I wanted to humbly announce the launch – without tooting our horn too much :wink: – so I didn’t make this sticky…but I’d be happy to make the change if you’d like :relaxed:

OK. Done. Sent my info about my license.

Tommy, there’s a typo in the Hardware and Software Requirements article. There is no apostrophe required in “Icons” in the sentence "Icon’s are sized when SketchUp starts up."
It hurts my brain. Please, make the apostrophe go away. =(

I just installed it, and those new tile materials are awesome!! It really makes me want to model a kitchen and bathroom, just to use them.
I’m not digging the new trays, but I’ll give it time.
Using the arrows to lock in a field for rotate is such a beautiful thing and makes a lot of sense, intuitively.

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Docked windows are awesome, thanks!.

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You definitely need a newly released Dell Precision 5510 mobile workstation :smile: (15" 4k screen, nVidia Quadro).