SketchUp 2023 is available today!

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that a new desktop update for SketchUp is available today! You can update simply by ‘Checking for updates’ or by downloading the latest version here.

We know that updating SketchUp and properly setting up your workspace can take some time… personally, I think this update is worth it, if only for the new Flip tool. There are other substantial improvements in SketchUp and LayOut this release, but I do think that 2023 will be the year that flipping really became first-class modeling experience in SketchUp.

Many of you will also be interested to try our new Revit Importer on Windows. This feature is available in our Studio subscription, but if you work (and re-work) with Revit and SketchUp, it will be worth it for you to see how much time this importer might save you. To get going, just drag/drop a .rvt file into SketchUp. (If you are using a Pro subscription, you’ll be prompted to activate a Studio trial. When that trial is over, you can upgrade or choose to continue working with your current subscription).

SketchUp 2023 also marks the debut of Overlays. In brief, Overlays let SketchUp (and SketchUp extensions) draw information in the modeling window as you work with other tools. To get an idea of how this works, download ThomThom’s updated the Solid Inspector2 extension: you can now just shift into a state of constant solid monitoring. The SketchUp developer community kept on us about this feature request, and I can’t wait to see some of the improvements that they (and we) implement with it.

If you run into problems updating, we’ll be keeping our eyes on the forums. Thanks to the Sages and other forum contributors who help people users work through the kinks on updates.

Happy sketching,

Mark, on behalf of the SketchUp team

P.S. Okay, yes of course, 2023 will also be the year that Heather and Lily took over SketchUp.


I’m migrating my extensions and organizing my space and I ran into a problem.
Is it no longer possible to fix the extension bars on the right side of sketchup? I have many extensions and I organize the extensions on all sides of sketchup.

Another issue I noticed is that some extensions have bigger icons, I don’t know if it’s a problem on the side of sketchup or the developer of the extension. Note: I always disable the option "Use large tool buttons in preferences to gain desktop space.

Make sure you are downloading and installing the latest version of extensions instead of copying them over from an older version. Some extension authors may still need to update their extensions to be optimized for SU2023.


I understand, I know that many will still update, it’s just that the previous version migrations I didn’t notice this problem, if it’s on the extension staff side, no stress!

There were changes in the toolbar handling for this version that didn’t happen in previous versions.

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No, this still works.


Here I can’t make any extension bar on the right side, next to the “tray”



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Works for me.


Works for me in 2023.

I hid the tray temporarily while I placed the toolbars.


something weird - if i select a group (just contains faces and edges) and the Component Options from Window – i see an icon of a component i had touched (not edited) the previous day (in SU 2022)… i would expect (as it’s a group) to just display a blank or some other generic icon… :slight_smile:

quick update – it appears to cache the last component you touch and select the component options on, and then select a group. :slight_smile: weird i never noticed this before.

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(\ (
( . .)

:-1: Bunny is not a amused.

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I also noticed that the icons are slightly bigger in almost all extensions, as well as the spacing in the trays.

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Japanese version’s download list has wrong order.

I took Sketchup out of maximized mode and was able to add the bars.

another bug= I cannot modify the large toolset. I change the Icons, adding some, taking some out, and saved the file, when I reopen sketchup, all these changes have vanished, and it is back to the default large toolset toolbar.

Use this link, download Full setup package.
Download for SketchUp Pro 2023 Offline Installer for Windows

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yes, i noticed the UI overall seems “flatter” – probably in keeping the code base consistent across platforms. but the spacing does feel weird. i’m running 1920x1080 and there are extraneous gaps and odd sizing. i would expect a few patches soon to tweak things as people provide feedback.

2023・・・3Dconnexion is no longer available.

Did you check with the 3Dconnexion folks to get their latest drivers and update them. This is standard practice every time a new version SketchUp is released.

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I have no issues with my 3D Connexion product in the 2023 version.