Sketchup 2023 - fixes coming I hope?

I am posting this because I was asked to after filing a tech support request. I look forward to seeing 2023 improve :slight_smile: I have been a huge proponent of sketchup and have been using the product since around 2004. I use Sketchup and Layout exclusively with my small architectural design company. I look forward to every new version and have always been tolerant of the glitches that show up with a new release but I am finding 2023 to be more frustrating than rewarding. I am sure you are aware of a lot of these bugs but after just few days use: multiple bug splats, tool trays that wont’ keep their shape size and position, materials that don’t behave as usual when using the eye dropper , flip missing from the right click context menu, slower performance and screen freeze, trouble renaming with right click in outliner… IDK I am not a programmer but consider myself an experienced user and have happily used your product every day to design, document buildings. I appreciate the software’s ability to aid this process but right now I am tearing my hair out The new features that come with 2023 don’t balance the frustrations and while I can return to SU2022 I would rather continue to employ a software that grows to meet the needs of our design/build team. respectfully, Ben Bush Partner at Hillview Design Colaborative Richmond, VT


Flip along axes was replaced by the flip tool.

The flip-along commands are still there, though only one for each axis (e.g. Flip Red) instead of two (model axis vs component axis), but they aren’t wired to the right-click menu or to any shortcut keys. You can assign your own shortcuts to them. Search for Flip in the shortcuts preferences/settings panel.


Good morning
I will add to the list of bugs:
Structure board: impossible to right click on a multiple selection. We lose the selection. Selecting via the structure panel no longer triggers the “on change” selection watcher.
I confirm the sleight of hand from one position to another of the trays.

Please provide an update, soon.

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French name for outliner (for those wondering in the back)


Thanks for the technical translate
It ´si better for them
:fr: :grinning:

I have never taken up the subscription model and so am still using SU21. I haven’t paid Trimble a penny since my last annual payment.

I didn’t take up a subscription because my impression was that incremental improvements were getting less and less valuable and I thought I could afford to wait awhile until they built up to a point where it was worth diving in again.

I thought that a subscription would give Trimble both the funds and the confidence to shift into a new gear in terms of upgrading the software. But the experience, particularly since release of SU 23, seems to be the very opposite. We now seem to be seeing hastily released software, of largely dubious value even if it worked, and allowing end users to troubleshoot the bugs. If I were still paying for it, I would be livid.

It’s all rather sad. There is a huge body of people out there, myself included who very much like the base product and use it daily. But it’s becoming clearer and clearer that my decision to turn down the subscription offer (despite early discount) was right and may go on being right for some time. Maybe some new organisation will buy SU off Trimble and ride to our rescue as a white knight!


The existing flip along selection or group, or component, would change the text depending on what was selected. That made adding a keyboard shortcut harder, you might need nine shortcuts, and to be aware of what was selected at the time. Although the Flip Along options are not in the context menu, you can use three shortcuts now, and not have to worry about what is selected.

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I agree making keyboard short cuts may be a good work around for some. It is just a matter of adjusting workflow and muscle memory to work differently. I am pretty forgiving when the software offers something new and exceptional. My opinion and i am open to being wrong is that the new flip tool does not offer something different than I can not get from a few good mirror plugins that I have already purchased and use regularly every day. Previously i would use flip from time to time-quickly from my right click to make a quick adjustment to a component or group-I miss this, Everybody’s work flow is different, I imagine I will adjust…

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I think a major factor in the change was that users were constantly getting confused by the context-sensitive variations on flip. So the first change was to unify them into just flip red, etc. The new flip tool makes it nearly impossible to mis-understand due to strong visual feedback the prior commands lacked. So, I guess the devs decided there was no need to set default shortcuts for the flip xxx commands, since you can easily do so yourself.

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Flip Along x/y/z was definitely a hang-up for me. I’d flip along blue only to find out I should have flipped along green, all because my model was oriented in an odd way. Now, I can see the axes and know exactly what’s getting flipped and which direction. Using the modifier key to duplicate what I flip is still taking some getting used to (I keep holding it down instead of just pressing it once), and snapping the planes to points/edges isn’t always as, well, snappy as I’d like, but overall I think it’s a welcome improvement worth getting used to.

Trimble is a corporation of similar size to Autodesk in terms of annual revenue. While Autodesk is a software company, Trimble is an instrumentation company. SU is a blip on Trimble’s radar screen. Trimble could decide to throw major funds at improving SU Pro tomorrow if it wanted to but appears to be more interested in merging with the rest of BIM world in terms of interoperability and Trimble Connect capabilities than in putting major effort into developing SU itself. External plugins and applications make for a complete (if not necessarily sleek) modeling experience for any SU user, so why bother? Layout seems to be a major complaint with architects. I am a bit surprised that there seem to be no working groups of industry architects who are willing to work with Trimble to bring that end of things along. I guess they’re waiting for 2D documentation to quietly go away? There are many reasons why that is not going to happen for a long time.

The price is right for a Pro subscription so I will continue to pay each year to have a 3D modeling program on hand. I don’t mind paying a subscription for software I find useful. I’m retired, used SU to model up my small reno, and while I am mostly done with it, I find it still comes in handy. I will not bother downloading 2023 until they fix the bugs which seem a bit over the top this year from what I’ve been reading. An improved mirror command is not enough to put up with the rest of it.

I would give up waiting for that white knight.


Yes, Thank you for adding this. Outliner has been acting strange. I use the outliner (structure board) on a daily basis and not being able to select multiple items and delete or perform another action is making my design life difficult. Does anyone know of a work around or are we just hoping it is fixed on an upcoming patch?

realized one easy work around for my own question: select the items that you want to work with in outliner move to model view to perform action…

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It’s a hard reflex to acquire after so many years of doing it simply! :woozy_face:

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There are quite a number of Architects (including myself) and other design professionals who post on this Forum that HAVE for many years given Trimble a lot of feedback and suggestions for improvement on their underperforming 2D product (Layout).
I suspect it is rather Trimble who is unwilling (and uninterested) in working with us to “bring that end of things along”. Evidence the “Layout Petition” generously organized by arayaCAD and submitted to Trimble a few years ago. Not much to show for that! For Trimble, it seems improving Layout is some combination of can’t or won’t.
No White Night indeed.


I agree Simon.
I thought that I had the last Permanent License with SU19 Pro, but you say you use SU21?
However, dates aside, I agree that paying a yearly amount for ‘maybe’ new functionality, coupled with guaranteed non-documented bugs, was simply not worth the investment.
I have been with Sketchup since @Last, through Google and now Trimble.
As Carolyn says: SU is a ‘blip’ in Trimble’s vision - just like SU was a ‘blip’ in Google’s vision - we saw what happened there :frowning:
Just recently, I was informed that my SU2019 access to the 3DWarehouse is no longer allowed, due to:
‘no longer supporting older versions’ or something to that effect.
It makes me wonder what kind of support is needed to download a model from the internet?
I presume that they (Trimble) actually need my support (financial) more than I need theirs for downloading a model from the internet.
In any case, I am now becoming a Blender fan, although I do miss the SU ease of design.
But, Blender is totally extraordinary - also very daunting - also, can be, dangerous:

  • keyboard shortcut mis-typed? => watch out - you never really know what you just did to your model by ‘slipping’ on the keyboard! :frowning:
    For the future: All the best to all you 3D designers - choose your weapons and go for it :slight_smile: :+1:

Where were these changes told to users ??

the 2023 release notes

Also, two separate videos on the youtube chanel :wink:

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Why is there no corporate responses on this forum.