The SketchUp 2024.0 update is available!

I know many of you have been anticipating our next Desktop update. I’m happy to share that the 2024.0 update for SketchUp for Desktop is now available! Download the update here, or use Check for Update in SketchUp.

There’s a lot to this release. In particular, we’re pleased to announce an upgraded SketchUp graphics engine which should significantly improve the responsiveness of mature models (:facepunch:). Notably, there’s a new look to try on in your models with the Ambient Occlusion style control (:sunglasses:). LayOut has also been tuned for improved performance, including the first look at an experimental graphics engine for LayOut page drawing (learn more via SketchUp Labs). Coming out of Labs is our new Add Location service, with improved tooling for terrain data imports (:world_map:).

And, there is something else new to try: Generate a link (like this) to allow people to view models in a web browser without downloading SketchUp or SketchUp Viewer. We are pretty excited by what’s coming next on this front.

There’s a lot more about 2024.0 on our blog. Happy sketching!


1st Yea!

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going from 80fps to 270 on one file, and on a heavy complex file, from 7 to 35
I feel the need… the need for speed, as the poet would say.

edit : ok, the ipad “scan straight to sketchup” looks sexy.
I need to borrow an ipad.


This release is significant! SketchUp just took a big step forward with this version!
Congratulations Teams on the work done here. Bravo!


Well done! And after moving from Spring to Summer now … this release feels so fresh and exciting. Bravo SketchUp on its great new features. :star_struck:


Ahhhh the thrill of a new SketchUp install, coupled with the dread of reinstaling and configuring all the extensions, toolbars and customisations :joy:

These do sound like great features…any Layout and SKP performance improvement is particularly welcome!
I thikn i’ll get good use from Ambient Occlusion.
This Labs program seems to be yielding some good ideas and tools.

Does layout’s new graphics engine improve text handling? That’s an area I’m struggling with at the moment!



I hope we can get improved camera zoom increments this year :crossed_fingers:t2:

I understand the delay now, I always thought sketchup 2024 was going to be a big one as the time went by and there were no news about it.

Now with all the new features already developed, I guess that sketchup 2025 won’t take as long as 2024 did to be released.

I’m very happy with these new version, just waiting for a V-Ray update to be able to run on Skp 2024.


Import/export USDZ and Scan Essentials Ground Mesh (quad-face) - two useful functionalities.
Thank you, SketchUp team!


Many cudoz to the SketchUp team! SU feels snappier and the Outliner bug has been fixed (finally).

I did notice, the scenes & styles dialogs seem to be created by different people compared to the outliner & tags dialog. See pic. Lots of wasted space in the first two, great and compact layout in the second pair. Would be nice if they were all using the compact layout as they did in SketchUp 2022.

Also, when selecting anything in the 3d viewport, the blue lines look ‘bold’ instead of only changing color to blue using the same width. Any way to prevent that? It feels a bit like reading a text with CAPS EVERYWHERE, especially if the object has many edges.

The above using the new graphics engine with 8x AA & fast feedback on a 4090.

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AA makes lines look thicker.

I’ve been working with 0xAA for years, and whenever I do a clean install, it surprises me how bold lines are.

try reducing to 4x or 2x and see if it’s closer to what you were used to (AA by different engines will bear different results)

Reduced to 4 and 0 but effect looks the same - lines are more bold blue compared to SU 2022

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Sketchup team, congratulations on the update. I would like to suggest some improvements for version 2024.1, which I believe would make sketchup the best tool on the market for medium-sized architecture firms. because I believe that Sketchup has what it takes to surpass software like Archicad in every way.

  1. Section color or hatch

It would be perfect for more refined and professional detailing

  1. 2D Symbol to Layout

somehow in the component settings or as a dynamic component attribute include a 2d symbol that would be read in the layout. It would make everything lighter and simpler to do documentation.

  1. Texts for dynamic components

some way to parameterize texts in the dynamic components visible in the sketchup model. I think I made it clear, I don’t know how to explain it.

I hope I helped, and that this wish comes true so that my office migrates 100% to sketchup.

  1. A native section cut fills by tag / material option must surely be up the top of the list of things SU needs. I appreciate there are extensions to address this but the likes of Skalp for me just feel too complex (& unstable) to maintain. Now we know what is in SU2024 I might give Curic Lite a test.

  2. I did see an official Sketchup YT video with the house model where the creation of component 2D symbols was explained. (Can’t find the link just now). It may answer your wish.

  3. Agree, it would be nice to be able to click on a DC and pull the displayed attribute options as text.


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I have already used these solutions you sent. What I think is that all of this is not native to sketchup or seems like an improvisation to get the result. but thank you for the answer.

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Wanted to try out the refreshed Trimble Connect feature.

  • Saved model to Trimble Connect.
  • Next, create a link,
  • Trying to create a new project - need to update my subscription (only 1 project for SU Pro subscription?)
  • Click the link to proceed to pricing - error 404

So, multiple Trimble connect projects = need for a Studio license?

Some troubles with section planes on 2024, 19 sections and the display stop refresh. The app look running normally (I can change the view the buttons change highlights, the app ask to save before exit but nothing change). The file is very small 2,9 mo and run normally on 2023, where I can add more sections without problems …

Has anyone encountered this problem?

Solved by support:
1 - Switch to Classic Graphics Engine
2 - Relaunch Sketchup
3 - Switch back to New Graphics Engine
4 - Relaunch Sketchup

With a SketchUp subscription plan (Go/Pro/Studio), an Trimble Connect Business plan is included.
That should give you access to unlimited number of projects.
Something else might be happening.
If you go to, can you add a new project?

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FYI I see that V-Ray released an update yesterday. They must have been ready and waiting!