The SketchUp 2024.0 update is available!

Nice ! but WHY, WHY do we always have to re-configure everything, toolbars, etc. each time there’s an update ??
How hard is it , to import user UI and settings to the new version ??


Love how everything is smoother. Well done. Ambience thing is cool of course. I guess this was the culmination of a major rewrite. Love the attitude that brought this about. And direction lock in Layout is now direction lock. That’s good.

IFC Import still is useless, without tag support, and produces larger files than importing through .trb while purging vital organisational information. Next release maybe… :slight_smile:

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I contacted sales and they said it was able to run on my MacBook Pro 16" with 14.4.1 Sonoma -2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9. Has anyone downloaded it on a MacBook Pro? I find it difficult trust Trimble as they totally rip me off for 2023. I do not want donate almost $400.00 for something I have to go out and purchase a 10.000 dollar computer to use?

Is there a general post for comments or feedback for the 2024 version ?


your computer is more than enough. Sketchup 23 and 24 will run on worse or older machines.

edit :

look, he has a pre Mseries mac, 2019 macbook pro.

Basically, if your machine can run Sonoma, you’re fine.
Same for Ventura and Monterey (14, 13 and 12)

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I bet it’s 15”, only M series MacBooks are available with 16” screen.

I’ve installed on my M1 Max MacBook and so far o haven’t had any issue, I also updated to Sonoma from Ventura.

You don’t have to uninstall sketchup 2023 to be able to install 2024, you can have both to make the transition slowly.


I guess you should come take a look at my late-2019 intel-based MBP 16".

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 3.31.49 PM

Oh wait, are you talking only about non-pro MacBook?


Sketchup and Layout work significantly faster. This is great!
However, I have issues with transparent/translucent materials. By transparent, I mean fill with transparency. I have a glass component that has two front and back faces. Once you delete one face, the problem disappears, but this can’t be the solution. Any ideas on how to fix this? Bug report?



I tried to set different settings here - no luck.

LayOut renders it exactly the same.

My machine is:
MacBook Pro
M3 Max,
32 Gb RAM
macOS Sonoma 14.4.1

Is there a material applied to the back face? Triple click, reverse faces, apply the same glass, reverse faces back to original and see if it helps?

I also think there are plugins to remove back face materials or set them to transparent.

I suspect it has something to do with fighting faces flickering. This version of Sketchup flickers a lot compared to previous versions.

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And these glass sheets are separated by a coupe mm or cm? They are not actually touching each other, right? If they are not touching, this shouldn’t be going on.

it seems there is something with antialiasing + M3 chips

if you turn off antialiasing the transparent materials behave again

Totally agree… hatch, fill patterns and good scheduling documentation output much needed.


From What’s New in SketchUp 2024:

Leaning Ladder Inference – Just like when you lean a ladder up against a wall, this new functionality lets you know with an “X” when the geometry you’re rotating intersects the face you’re “leaning” into.
Inference to Guides – Inferencing to guides was sometimes impossible when drawing a line from an object to a guide. You can now more effectively use guides as an inference when drawing.
Move Tool Rotation Grips – You can now toggle the Move tool’s rotation grips off or on in the Drawing section of Preferences to limit visual noise and make the move tool easier to navigate. A shortcut is also available for this new drawing preference.

I’d love if someone could demonstrate what do they mean…

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now there is an inference (a cross) telling you you’re hitting the face.


And that is a really cool addition to this version!


Anyone having issues bringing DXF DWG into a 2024 SketchUp model? This process causes 2024 to crash. My workaround. Log into 2023 and import. Save it, then I can open and work in 2024.

no, there’s a space. These glass faces flicker the same way fighting faces flicker. I see @ateliernab 's reply. Looks like M3 problem.

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Have you tried to Switch to Classic Graphics Engine?
I use M3 Max too, and switch to classic and back to new graphics engine solve some problem for me.


It’s unbelievable that they still haven’t included the trackpad gestures. It’s extremely disappointing.