SketchUp for Old PCs?



Hey guys, so I was running on a MacBook Pro Mid 2012 for a while. And it held SketchUp like a champ. But its dying and I’m temporarily on an OLD PC for the time being. It’s on a watered down version of 32-bit Windows 7, doesn’t have a dedicated Graphics card, and currently has 1GB of RAM (I will be upgrading the RAM to 2GB soon, because Black Friday).

I know that SketchUp 2017 won’t run on it (which had a hard time on my Mac, but it was dying so… yah).
I’m planning on running SketchUp Make 2016, but I can’t find the download for it. I’m probably just going to tough it out, but I was wondering if there are any SketchUp users running on older PCs and if they’d be willing to shed some bits of knowledge or advice for me.


Here is the page for all downloads:

You may find that Make will seem like Pro for a trial period, that’s normal, it will become Make after the trial.

With your old Mac you could look into getting an SSD for it, that dramatically speeds up all performance, at least for anything that involves accessing files, which most things do.


SketchUp Make 2016-EN x32 f. Windows 7/8/10

non-commercial use only!


obviously not.


Right, I missed the bit about it needing to be 2016 32 bit. Your link seems more hopeful.


cool, thanks man!