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Okay, maybe I was NOT clear on må question…
The old pc World be rendering forever, when I wanted to see the 3D view, and a Lot of the the different models Martials and so on, World also take quite some time - I’m NOT a very patient person :smile:
I have to ADD, that ny old pc did meget the SU recomendation.
And I’ve Allways heard that the Mac is builders specificly for graphic.
Please let me know what you Think…

The biggest difference between Mac and Windows with regard to SketchUp performance is that on Mac the suite of hardware is chosen by Apple and fixed. If you want a faster CPU or GPU, you choose a different model of Mac. This rigidity lets Apple tune the OS and hardware to work well together.

On Windows desktops (and to a lesser degree laptops), these are usually configurable choices that you can mix and match limited only by what the motherboard can support. For comparable cost, you can usually get a PC that will outperform a Mac running SketchUp. With CPUs this is seldom an issue, but with GPUs there are variations in the quality and completeness of the OpenGL support offered. Some brands and some specific cards tend to cooperate with SketchUp better than others - search this forum and you will find numerous posts about OpenGL issues mostly on Windows. I don’t mean that as a slam on Windows, but rather as a consequence of the flexibility it affords.

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That’s a genral symptom from transitioning from an old computer to a new computer. If the old computer was very old, probably all (including cheap) machines nowadays will be better and solve the problem (so one needs to take care to buy what is appropriate, and whether you really need a 1000 € graphics card).

Let’s get back to the same question

By rendering, what kind of rendering do you do, is it only the 3d viewport in SketchUp (OpenGL) that is not interactive enough, or do you do raytracing (rather CPU intense)?
What kind of models do you work with, how many polygons, is the model size maybe a signifiant reason for the slowness?
And finally think about what is your personal preference? Don’t force yourself using something only because of rational reasons, but let it be your own decision.

OS X is noticeably not little widespread in the domain of designers and advertisers (but the choice of operating system is also about what you feel and what you want to express). Graphics is a wide field, and for font design, layout, 2d raster graphics and photos OS X has definitely good applications. For OpenGL quality and performance, one can find however a bit controversial opinions.

You observe that you get mostly replies about OS X, but not about the other side resp. sides (since the world is multi-dimensional. That is because you are comparing a specific target (a small set of Apple hardware with Apple operating system) to a large, fuzzy set of the rest of the market. Certainly the average of the whole market is an inferior measure compared to something specifically good.

  1. Decide your use case and requirements first.
  2. Choose a small set of comparable computers from differend manufacturers that you could imagine to buy.
  3. Then compare and decide the platform question.

What hasn’t been addressed is if you optimized your SKP file and modeling practices for speed. There are many things to try covered on [these pages][1].

Look over all your software you use and plan to use in the future. Some applications - and even some SU extensions - do not run on Mac. Though I suppose that’s why there is Parallels.
[1]: https://sites.google.com/site/sketchupsage/faster