Selection advice

I need some advise
I want to buy macbook & advise me what parametes it need (RAM, graffic …)
I need it only for sketchup and some rendering program, ext. enscape, lumion or twinmotion.
please write which is minimal characters for mac, and which yaer macbook air or macbook pro is enough for this.
thanks in advance
p.s. sorry for my english :slight_smile:

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Don’t buy a Macbook If you want those renders, they are Windows, only.

thanks for answer, please and which renders are possible in mac?
and please write if you know what specifications need mac to work whit this render which is working in mac. thanks

SketchUp in general seems to runs better in Windows and does not run well in the new M1 Macs. … Why you need a Mac?.

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It runs well enough on my M1 iMac.

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Twinmotion works on Mac. In general, having more memory and a GPU that has more texture memory will help. Having an SSD will make applications open a lot faster, and files will save faster as well.

With M1 it’s hard to know effectively how much VRAM it has, because it uses the main memory. Someone showed a figure when using Indesign, that suggested it has 5.5 GB of VRAM. That’s quite a lot, but perhaps no other applications were running at the time.

This benchmark page:

suggests that the M1 GPU is better than most GTX boards, but not as good as most RTX boards.

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i have old (2011 year) macbook air, and it steel works, no need reaload and rewrite programs &i like more ios then windows, this is only reason, and I have no means buy every year computer, I live in GEORGIA, this is post soviet country :frowning:
I think I buy once new macbook and it will be enough for 5-7 years
but if you advice is thet better use windows software, of course I buy windows, because I ask about this here :slight_smile: thanks a lot :+1:

A little off topic.

Beside that, I know what you mean, just for the sake of accuracy:

iOS: A mobile operating system by Apple. It is the operating system that presently powers many of the mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad etc.
Sketchup desktop version doesn’t run on it (, only SketchUp web version and Viewer does).

macOS: A desktop operating system by Apple for Macintosh computers, like Macbook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, etc.
Sketchup does run on it.
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:))))) sorry for mistake

I like MACOS then windows :))))
I think you understend what I mean

V-Ray works on Mac as far as I’m aware.

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It does, but not the real time rendering that competes with Lumion and Twinmotion.


SketchUp is not optimized to run well on the new M1 and it runs much better on older Macs which uses Intel CPUs. And from the videos I saw in YouTube, I can tell very easily that my 6 years old PC runs SketchUp way more smoother.

I’ve used sketchup on an m1 macbook Pro.
It runs fine.

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If you want the best performance for Sketchup and from rendering plugins, then WindowsOS PC is the way to go. It is the ultimate choice in term of performance without any doubt. However if you insist on using MacOS PC, then don’t buy the new Macs that uses Apple new M1 silicon, go with older models.

Well it might run OK on top of the line M1 but once you compare it side by side with Intel based computers then you will see huge difference and you will realize what you are missing.

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My everyday is an i7, top line laptop, 2020. £1700
I ran SU on a 13" M1 MBPro and it ran even better than mine! I had the same model open on both laptops at the same time side by side, and the m1 was better. I would switch, but I can’t afford it.

So strange because your experience does not match with all the reviews I saw online! Don’t know but maybe something wrong with your i7 computer which prevents it from giving you the performance you supposed to get!

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Have you done this? I have and the M1 keeps up and beats Intel machines at a lot of tasks and sketchup works great. The difference is not that big, not even close to huge. Also, there really isn’t a top of line M1. They’re all the same.

I have a top of the line i9 and the M1 keeps up it just fine. I’m getting the feeling you are basing everything on YouTube videos and haven’t actually touched an M1 Mac with sketchup.