Buying a new mac

Hello everybody
i wishing you all the best for this new year.
I start using VRAY SU on my imac
(5k, 27’, mid 2015, 3,3ghz i5 4 cores/32GB 1600MHZ DDR3/SSD 1TB/AMD radeon r9 m290 2gb)
The rendering time is “verrrry” long !
So i plan to buy a new one.
Did someone could advice me for the config i need
my choice could be this (see cap)

Thank’s a lot

If you want real cuts in your rendering times you must buy a PC with a good Nvidia graphics card where V-Ray can use the graphics card for rendering. As to Macs, the one you show would probably be OK, I would recommend 32GB of memory as there is no way to upgrade that later.


Thank’ a lot.
if i use “only” SU & VRAY, do you still think i need 32GB?

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Since the M1 shares memory between CPU and graphics, I would be inclined to get the most possible - more than if they were separate. Unless/until Vray finds a way to accelerate using the M1 graphics, this will still be slow to render compared to a PC with an NVidia graphics card.


What would be the best choice
A / CPU 8Cores GPU 14 Cores and 32 GB memory
B / CPU 10Cores GPU 16 Cores and 16 GB memory

SketchUp itself will use only a sin gle core no matter how many you have, so the tradeoff comes down to how much weight you put on things that can use multiple cores. Two that come to mind are being able to run more apps simultaneously and getting faster renders. Render speed will be roughly proportional to the number of cores. On a Mac the renders won’t use graphics for much, so essentially all the memory will be used for the cpu. I haven’t investigated how much memory each cpu uses while rendering on Mac, so I can’t say whether having them all working at once is likely to exceed 16GB, sorry.

Thank’s anyway

I got a new M1 and found sketchup to operate almost exactly the same on that as on an i7 macbook.
I found that a less expensive Windows-based PC operates noticeably better.
There are lots of other factors to consider, but there’s my $0.02.

That would make sense …