What is the best pc or mac to buy for running Sketchup and render with V-ray


I am new here and wanted to start directly with asking the question:

"What is the best thing that i can do? Buy a pc and monitor or go for a mac…

i want to spent around 2000,00 $ for a system that does what it has to and that is run big files and render the hell out of my pc/mac.

Thx in advance.


Most definitely, if you’re going to torture test your machine with big files, and LONG rendering sessions—I think it’s better to be running those projects on a PC. (… and ideally on a rendering farm).

Apple’s just not up to the task… You’ll be limited in the hardware specs which are available to you for the price you mentioned, and that would probably still be true at double (…and triple) the cost.

But, what’s more worrisome are the issues with overheating which I think you’ll encounter… Apple’s obsession with thin products has come at the expense of having a compromised and weak cooling system.

Having said all that, you can certainly test drive whatever computer you buy from Apple. Maybe your thresholds for safe operating temperatures are higher than mine. . . and in any event you can always return what you buy within the timeframe allowed.

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If you want use Vray gpu, make sure to buy Nvidia graphic card.

In your price bracket you will probably have to buy a PC. Macs cost more and come with AMD graphics.

In this case the Vray requirements would be the determining factor. SketchUp will follow along.

  • an i7 CPU with as many processor cores you can afford
  • a Nvidia middle to high-end gaming graphics card (for Vray GPU rendering)

To elaborate, $2000 would perhaps buy a desktop PC with something like

  • CPU i7-8700K (the fastest single core performance - good for SU, and 6 cores - OK for Vray)
  • 32 GB of memory
  • a Geforce GTX 1070 graphics card (1080 would be more expensive)

Meanwhile i have done Some research.
Seems like as u all see, the best way to go is with pc.
And i think, rendering is best to do with CPU?
Maybe also but watercooling?
I’ve bin also viewing the price difference between U.S. and Europe, and it is a big difference.
If i want a descent pc, i7 - 8700 with graphics-card - Nvidia gtx 1070 there is no way to stay within my budget in Belgium. So thinking to build my OWN pc with parts ordered in the U.S.


I Couldbuy a Dell, 8930 xps.
What are your thoughts?

I looked at the prices in a local (Finland) build to order PC shop. Here the prices tend to follow roughly the 1euro=1dollar rule that makes everything more expensive than in the USA. As you quoted a price in dollars I assumed you were from the west side of the pond. I would still think that prices in Belgium might be lower than here.

The XPS 8930 seems quite an OK choice, too.

Rendering is certainly best with GPU not CPU.

You can probably build one better than a 8930. If you are using large files and rendering them you should spend more on the GPU and RAM.

indeed, Ive just built a machine (8700k) but spent on the GPU (1080Ti) and RAM (probably over 50% of the overall machine cost) - Using V-Ray with GPU is another world! I came from a dual core i7 MBP with integrated graphics. What a difference. Running a Hackintosh, so probably taking a little performance hit but still.

Thx for all the reply’s just having one more question.
I found benchmark tool and the minutes it takes v-ray to render with GPU and CPU.


What is the benchmark calculated against?

There is only CPU benchmark.

Here is my simple test with GPU and without with Vray 3.4.

What GPU do you have and do you know how many CUDA cores it has?

This test was made with Gtx 980 ti (2816 cuda cores) and CPU i7 4790K

Oh snap we have the same things :beers:

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WoW, Thank u Roju.
Now it is all clean to me.
I Will most definitely go for a pc.
And most of all, I will buy a good graphics card.
Now the only thing that I have to do, is compare prices.
Maybe some parts from japan and others from the U.S.
I will keep u posted.
Thx a lot u guys

If you can afford it try to fork out for a 1080ti. However I have seen 980ti popping up for £300-350

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I recently moved form mac to pc. But to speed things up not to Intel i7 but amd 16 core 1950. Pricerange is the same. 12 extra cores makes a 75% difference, the gtx1080ti another, so my rendertimes are now down from 35 minutes to 1,5 on cpu with both options on. Mac is much slower, even the newest varieties.

35 mins to 1.5 or 15?

I have a MacBook Pro with 8GB of memory. I have MacOS High Sierra and find that some of my apps don’t work as well. I have SU 2016 and won’t upgrade it. I can not go directly from my Mac to my Dremel 3D printer. I have to use an SD card. I run my printer from a very basic ASUS laptop w/Windows 10. If you’re not familiar with the Mac, for the $2000+ you can fill your room with PCs.

Good luck.

I really mean one and a half minute, plus 4,23 seconds. Almost unbelievable when renderend first time. Its the number of cores that count.