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I am a Windows person all my life, though used MacOS many times, so obviously I did not do any testing myself and I don’t even have to since we live in the internet age. However I read many independent reviews from known and trusted sources and they all confirm what I said before. Also the YouTube videos I watched confirms the same. Just Google it and you will find it yourself.

Well I meant top of the line computer with M1. I know that M1 is currently a one silicon, however you should get a better overall performance from the Macbook Pro (and Mac Mini) than from the MacBook Air thanks to the support of active cooling of the processor in the Pro and Mini.

There is no doubt that the M1 offers the highest efficiency of any processor, and by a huge margin. It also offers amazing performance with applications that are fully optimized to M1 chip. Also, when it comes to performance per watt, M1 wins hands down.

However and performance wise, quantity and capacity always wins over efficiency, so if you want the highest performance, then by default you don’t care about efficiency , and by default Windows based machines are the way to go… period. Even older generations of Intel Core CPUs (i7 and i9) with good discrete GPUs outperformed the new M1 in so many 3D tests and by a huge margin… just search for it.
Now, I am not talking about SketchUp in particular, I am talking about creative softwares in general, especially 3D applications. Try for instance comparing Real-time rendering or even normal rendering between M1 PC and a typical, not even the most powerful i7 or i9 PC with discrete RTX GPU and tell me the result. In fact no need to even try testing that out because the result will depress you. Any reasonable gaming laptop with discrete RTX GPU should easily outperform any M1 mac in most 3D applications.

Don’t get me wrong, the M1 is a great laptop processor but it is overrated when it comes to pure performance.

By the way, which model of i9 do you have? and is it the Desktop or laptop version?

Please share the video where the M1 is compared to the i7 using sketchup side by side, and how it’s a huge difference. Thanks!

The plot thickens. You really are talking about building a computer that’s custom and costs many times more, on different software altogether. Funny.

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Please read what I wrote carefully… I am not repeating myself.

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Again read what I wrote before. And who talked about custom build PC or that it costs "many times more"

I think I had enough of this endless debate and the poster has a mind he can use to find out what’s best for him.

PS. We may disagree, but no hard feelings.

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You did. You said to not get an M1 but instead build a PC with a dedicated too gpu and a top i7 processor. That would be very expensive in comparison. Also it doesn’t answer the question about what Mac to get. Have a nice day.

I am not going to debate you as I said the last time, and anyone wants to find the truth, Google is there and free to use.

Now, can you show me when did I say that? :thinking:
I don’t recall I said that, although building your own PC is cheaper, especially in the long run!

You said to use PC and suggested an RTX card.

This would be far more expensive. Of course it would perform better, it’s a totally different beast. But in single core processing it’s still not that great.

Now, what you seem confused about is that you think I somehow stated the M1 was faster than a custom pc. Of course I would never say that, but you still spent several paragraphs debating me and explaining what we already know.

I have access to all types of computers. PCs and Macs, M1 and gaming rigs. I use them all, and the M1 holds its own. This isn’t based on YouTube videos, mostly pure experience. It’s also the best Mac to get right now, the older models really aren’t better when you get down to it. Not with sketchup.

OK I think I had enough of this BS.

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Hi, my background is graphic design and I switch to interior architecture … As a mac user for honestly 30 years I switched to windows and I’m very happy that I made that decision. All architecture and 3D programs work better on windows, yes they work on the mac too. But if you buying a new computer you can get much better performance on a Windows-based computer for MUCH CHEAPER. You need a good graphic card. I bought an Alienware Gaming Computer it works perfectly. And I’m able to use my iCloud Notes and icloud drive without any problems on the PC, still using iPhone and the iphotos are reachably easily. Render program like twinmotion podium sketchup autocad and Adobe Creative Cloud works perfect. Adobe is the same no difference from mac anymore. I would not invest in a Mac if you wanna use this programs. Wish you the best.


what programs are talking about and in which line of work…

On the cheap get a 2015 15” MBP. Twinmotion runs fine on Mac.

I use SketchUp (and layout) all day long on my intel iMac 2019. No problems. Runs great. And I render with SU Podium, which is quick and easy and gives good results.

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