Mac vs. Pc for SU?

Hi All,
My old pc have given ip, and I nede to buy a new one! But does any of you have opinion on Mac vs. Pc, preferrable experience.
Amy help or point of view is welkome.
I’m from Denmark so please ignore the gramma in my text.
From Jinniestrong text

Well, they are both the same hardware, so there is no two of them…
Is your question about which hardware manufacturer to choose or about operating systems?

Have you looked at the hardware and software requirements?
For what do you use SketchUp for?

Your question will provoke the standard replies from both sides, many of them emotional not rational, and related to overall OS preference rather than SketchUp per-se! One undeniable fact is that a Windows box will usually cost less than a Mac.

I use a Mac (and prefer it), but I will admit there are some features of the Windows SketchUp UI that are better than Mac. For example:

  • The Materials window on Mac is very confusing
  • The docking behavior of toolbars is better on Windows
  • The location behavior of inspector windows is better on Windows (they tend to resize and wander on Mac)
  • WebDialogs are not modal on Mac. Sometimes this causes problems.

On the other hand, Mac GUI is multiple-document-interface, so you can have several models open within the same running instance of SketchUp. In Windows, each model must open in a separate SketchUp instance. This may or may not matter to you.

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Mac. :slight_smile: <Post must be at least 20 characters>

Why not roll the dice? You see, now it’s decided for you!
(And we don’t have to pay…)

You can run Windows on Mac HW. Can’t run Mac on Windows HW.

I run two PC based systems that make extensive use of SketchUp and Layout very well. Just my opinion, but I think for the cost and performance you would be insane to choose Apple over a good Windows system if you are primarily running SketchUp.

But don’t just take my word for it. See this thread for other opinions: Apple vs PC for SketchUp

If you want the cheapest solution, then yea, get a PC, and read the forums on graphics cards joy. Gotta love the Win printing model (ugh), where Mac UI came from a history of the same display model (PostScript, then PDF) as printing model, and on and on…