SUp Make 2016

Folks, I need to reinstall Win 10 and will loose my 2016, so where can I download it? All the threads I can find with download links are all giving 404 errors?

Do you still have the installer in your Downloads folder from the last time you installed it?

You could try here: SketchUp Make 2016 : Download Links It says Make but you can put in your Pro license and it should go to Pro.

A tech shop installed Win 10 32 bit instead of 64 so I’ll need to reinstall the correct 64 bit, but no I don’t have the installer.

Hey Dave I don’t see a link on that page for 2016?

As indicated in the thread…

And when you do…

darn when I click the 2016 link I get another 404 error Dave.

That’s the last link I knew of. Evidently it’s gone, too. Might be time to just bite the bullet and update to the latest version.

do you mean 2020 Dave? Aren’t there a lot of problems with it?

I do see a 2017 link, will that have less issues?

No. The current version is 2021. There were more problems with SU2016 and even 2017 than with 2020.

The SketchUp folks don’t generally sell licenses for old, unsupported versions so you would be getting SU2021.

Man, I went from 2015 to 2016 and just had 2916 for a few months, getting used to the Tray. Where can I read about the 2021 changes? Is it much different then 2016??

There’s quite a lot of difference between 2016 and 2021.

Go through the older release notes to see what you’ve missed between 2016 and 2020.

Then look at What’s New in SU2021.

Darn, will it be that much different for an intermediate user? Will the Tray layout stay the same?

will my 2015 license be of any use or will I need to pay full price?

Yes you can trade in your 2015 license and get a discount on the subscription

You’ll manage. The trays are very much the same between the two although Layers were replaced with Tags in 2020 and there’s some cool added features available in both the Tags and Outliner panels.

Have you been keeping Maintenance and Support up to date?

sorry Dave probably not as I don’t even know what Maintenance and Support are and since 2015 I’ve been using 2016 Make…

Oh, yeah. I’d forgotten. You’ve been using SketchUp Make for your business. You need to be using SketchUp Pro. We’ve talked about this before, Joe.

It needs to be a 2016 or later commercial license, I expect you meant to type 2016. 2015 Pro, or any Make, would not get the special offer.

Before I subscribe to SU 2020, I was using SU 2017 with no problems.

yeah I went and got 2021, we’ll see how it goes.

thanks for the input folks!