How to get the SketchUp Make 2016 version



How to get the SketchUp Make 2016 version

Since 2017 version launch, Make 2016 is no longer available at
If anyone needs to reinstall it as is my case you can use the following links for download.
For other languages try modifying the URL accordingly.

Spanish x64

English x64

good luck


Thank You SOOOOO much!! I’ve been looking for a download of 16’ Make 64 bit for a very long time! Very helpful.


They have recently added this Help article with links to Pro and Make for both 2016 and 2015, 32 and 64 bit.


SU 2017 no longer support openGL 2 so don’t run on my old latop. It’s the reason to go back to SU2016.

It’s a good idea to have the old versions by hand, it could be useful on old hardware.

What a pity they only include links to the English versions.

Thanks for all


Search this forum. I think there’s a direct link to a Spanish version of SU Make around here and maybe German too.

Also, don’t uninstall older versions of SU until one knows their computer likes the latest version. SU versions are separate program installations. All the versions can co-exist.

And search your HD for old installers. No harm keeping those around. Such files could even be stored on Google Drive


Precisely the uninstallation of the dead SU2017 was the one that ruined the performance of my Make2016.

The extensions and the integration with explorer began to behave badly, that’s why I had to think about the roollback: uninstall everything and start from scratch.

That’s why I searched and FOUND the previous version of Make2016x64 in Spanish, and it was not easy.



@raikkonn, check that IE is updated to the latest version. It will help with SU16 and any other version of SU to have the latest version of IE installed. Also in your case, with the integrated Intel graphics, it is very important to have a graphic driver that supports OpenGL 3.0. OpenGL requirements have been upgraded from SU16 requirements and SU17 requires hardware acceleration - unlike all earlier versions of SU, the option to disable hardware acceleration has been removed. Check with the computer manufacturer for latest driver.

The installation of SU17 could have adjusted registry settings unexpectedly which would affect previous versions. SU17 comes with Chrome for web access (unlike previous versions which use the default OS browser), but IE still provides tools like javascript and other stuff for dialogs.

Yes, there can be a delay in extension upgrades. There have been many changes in the Ruby environment that can affect extension developers.


IE isn’t the problem, it’s updated and the graphics card drivers too. There are no OpenGL 3 drivers for this card, OpenGL 2 is my limit on this machine. I have SU2017 on other machines, not to worry.

The problem is that the uninstallation of the inoperative SU2017 sends to the ■■■■ the file explorer integration, among other things. So that, although SU2016 was still installed the thumbnails in the file explorer were not displayed and the context menu were malfunctioning.

But rest assured, I’m IT technician since more than 30 years, we reinstalled SUMAKE2016 from scratch and everything was settled (the previous clean of some registry entries also helped)

Problem solved.


Ok, thanks a lot. The SUMAKE 2016 french version for win64 is here :

Ok, merci beaucoup ! La version français de Sketchup Make Windows 64 est en téléchargement ici :