Need SketchUp Make 2016 installer again




Today I uninstalled Sketchup Make 2016 to leave some room to the new and improved Sketchup Make 2017…What a huge mistake!

Right after having installed the new Make 2017 (64-bit version for my Windows 10 x64 laptop), I started having troubles running it! Every time I tried to save a model, even the smallest one, it froze and crashed.

This thing kept happening even when I made a 5x5x5 cm cube, a 3x3x3 cm triangle and a 10x10x10 cm sphere.

So, now, I want to get back to Sketchup Make 2016, but the only 2016 version I found on this website is the (currently expired on my computer) Pro version. Does anybody have the .exe file of Sketchup Make 2016? Or, at least, knows where I can find it?

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OpenGL 3.0 upgrade
OpenGL 3.0 upgrade

SketchUp Make 2016 f. Windows x64 EN
SketchUp Make 2016 f. Windows x32 EN

non-commercial use only!

OpenGL 3.0 upgrade
SketchUp 2017 crashing at startup. Newbie help request
Need to go back

SU17 has some significant changes to its graphic pipeline. As a result, your system has to support hardware acceleration now. A few releases ago, SU began using OpenGL functions in saving files. Have you tried updating your graphic card driver?

To help ID the cause of potential issues with SU17, SU now has a utility program called CheckUp. Did you try it?


Do you happen to have the Mac .exe file for Sketchup Make 2016 as well?


SketchUp Make 2016 f. Mac OS v10.9/10/11 EN

non-commercial use only!


The installer you posted is signed in on your account. Just thought i’d give u a heads up.


@alo95.costa did you send in the SU crash reports and add your contact email? Some other computers are crashing when saving. Your crash report may be useful.


Is there a chance to get the german version too?


the installers posted are coming directly from the public Trimble server (see link) and are obviously not affiliated to any user account in any way.


SketchUp Make 2016 f. Mac OS v10.9/10/11 DE
SketchUp Make 2016 f. Windows x64 DE
SketchUp Make 2016 f. Windows x32 DE

non-commercial use only!


Amazing, thanks! :grinning:


Can you upload the spanish versions of the installer please?


SketchUp Make 2016 f. Mac OS v10.9/10/11 ES
SketchUp Make 2016 f. Windows x64 ES
SketchUp Make 2016 f. Windows x32 ES

non-commercial use only!


Ok sorry. When I installed it and opened the extension warehouse it was already signed in someone’s account. Don’t remember the name but I wonder what caused it to do that.


I need Sketchup make 2016 for 32 bit windows (english installer)

thank you