SketchUp is not working


That’s telling you that your graphics card doesn’t meet the OpenGL requirements. Time for a new graphics card or maybe new computer.

Is there any older version which will run on my system?? If there is any please give me link.
I will be thankfull to you,

SketchUp 2017 is the oldest version available from SketchUp. You could try the web app version.

Your profile is contradictory. It indicates you are using the 2017 web version which doesn’t exist.

there is no older version available??
what is web app is it online or what??

SketchUp doesn’t offer anything older than 2017.

The web app runs in your browser. It requires an internet connection to open it and to save files.

thanks for helping…

This forum post seems to include links to SketchUp Make 2016, that still work:

That version will run with OpenGL 2.0.

For Windows 10 you may want to take the 64 bit version.

2016 is not there

One more try, might install, might not…

There is a subtle black arrow. Click on that to expand the list of downloads. Next to the text: “I do agree bindingly to use the SketchUp Make version for non-commercial purposes only.”