SketchUp 2017 not loading

Just downloaded 2017 from 2015 and when I go to open it, it pretends to process it but nothing ever happens.

Intel HD Graphics 4000, Win 7 Pro x64


The two most likely issues are a video card driver problem or an install problem. I’d recommend starting by getting the latest video card drivers for your system directly from Intel or the computer manufacturer (don’t depend on Windows to have the latest).

You can also try to run the System checkup application to get some feedback on your video card capabilities. If checkup crashes, try updating your video card driver.


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Thanks for the feedback! I did try to reinstall as well as the generic Windows driver update. I will try your tool as well as manually ensuring the graphics card is up to date.

Just saw this post, seems related to this issue: 2017 not launching
Definitely a video card issue and requires an updated driver to resolve.

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