SketchUp 2017 Pro no start



I’ve installed 2017 Pro and when I double click the .exe (or shortcut to it) I get the Windows loading spinner for a few seconds and then nothing. Task Manager doesn’t show it running. Where to begin please?


Hello. Did you install 2017 with Administrator privileges? This is a very common problem that gets asked here once or twice a week. Start here, then here and then here. Also, search the community posts as there are many similar issues.


update the graphics driver, SU 2017 requires the OpenGL 3.0 support of the intel HD driver version (or higher).


Thanks guys. I’ve done everything you suggest and I actually CAN report progress: Now, I get to the BugSplat and can report the error. LOL! Even SketchUp Checker fails about 3/4 though. What next?


ensure to use the latest SU 2017 M(aintenance) 2 version (build 17.2.2555) which fixes some launching issues in connection with systems with a flaky OpenGL support. Just download and install (by “r-click > Run as Admin”) over your existing program installation, all settings will be kept.

More recent infos regarding the problem described always here.


Thanks sketch. I repaired with the new version and it’s still crashing on startup in the exact same way.


Hi Sketch,

Thanks for the link to 17.2.2555. I was having the same problem as cwk reported, but after installing the newer version I seem to have maybe solved my bug splat startup problem. Time will tell if it holds.



@cwk, did you follow through the troubleshooting steps linked by sketch3d_de? Just asking as I don’t see where anyone clicked on the link which provides info and more links to update the things SU17 requires…


Hi Sketch,

 Well, seems good things don't last.  After I loaded the M2 v17.2.2555, things worked fine for a bit.  Then yesterday it would not allow me to save models.  Then it would not open any models.  I did a "repair" operation, from the Download All center, but that didn't seem to help.  

In the past, a few days ago, I was able to have two models open also.  But then, it would open a particular model, but not a different one.

I've got a trouble call in with SketchUp Pro support and will probably get things straightened out on Monday, but it's too bad I loose three days in the process.  They've always been helpful in solving my problems,  they have talented folks working the problems.

 I don't want to do a complete uninstall/install until I speak with them, as I can loose huge amounts of work with a simple click of a button, which I've done in the past.  I'd rather not spend the time recreating things that are already in place.

 Any thoughts on further action?



I did my research and called Dell, where I was able to get two drivers updated, 1 for an Intel HD Graphics 4600; and 1 for an AMD FirePro M6100 Fire GL V.

After doing this, it seems that SketchUp is back to acting as it should. Maybe this solved the problem.