Crashing during startup

I installed sketchup pro 2017 from a while and worked a little with it but now suddenly it crashes during startup
I reinstalled it and the same thing happens
I have no plugs in
the graphic driver is upgraded.
any ideas please.

See pinned post in this category by the SketchUp Team:

You can also check the Event Viewer for SketchUp specific application errors.

Or run SketchUp Checkup (if on Windows):

Hint, Hint …

Freezing during startup. I downloaded and used SU 2017 for a couple of weeks, and suddenly when launching the program it loads but is frozen.

*downloaded and installed current SU2017
*updated current Intel 4600 driver

I can’t file a BugSplat because, well, it’s frozen. I relay on SU for work, and need to fix this!!


To what version ? (Any version below 4061 is known not to work with OpenGL 3.x)

If you are on Win10, search this category for other topics on slow selection. (A recent Windows Update is causing havoc.)

Dan, the version is, so that’s ok, right? I haven’t seen any Windows hints that seem to apply. I’m uninstalling and will reinstall and try to run Check…


Reinstalling SU 2017 did not help. When I first installed 2017, there began to be issues…the screen would go black for a moment or two, etc. I haven’t seen anything about solutions via Windows…stumped.

Should be. (It is above 4061 build.)

But is this the latest release for WIndows 10 you can get from Intel ?

Make sure to install by right-clicking the installer and choose “Run as administrator”.

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