2017 Does not run

Installed and uninstalled twice. Sketchup does not run after clicking on it. I can see that there is a sketchup process running but the app never starts up.

You did not fill in your profile. We need graphics card specs. With SU17, hardware acceleration is required and the card must support OpenGL 3.0. Review 2017 not launching.

i am having same problem installed several times but when i try to open Make it “spins” but then doesnt run

This is possibly indicative of a crash in SketchUp very early in the startup process when we’re initializing OpenGL. Updating your graphics card drivers will often remedy these sorts of crashes.

Thanks for responding but my graphics card drivers are updated. The Sketchup software never even opens -after clicking the cursor spins for a few moments then nothing.

@mel66 has Intel HD Graphics 4000. That puts the computer on the cusp. The latest driver that can support OpenGL, as required by SU, for that chipset is Where did you get your ‘updated’ driver? Try downloading from Intel?

Thanks @catamountain, not sure where update came from but checked &
response message said up-to-date. I’ll try Intel. Wondering if SU 2016
would’ve been better if I could download it?

Whether or not your computer can run SU17 depends. If your computer allows you to install that particular driver, you have a chance of using SU17. I.E., there many be an issue with particular CPU limiting what it will tolerate.

Look up your driver version. Start > search for and open Device Manager (or use Control Panel) > Display adaptor > r-click on card > Properties > Driver.

Can’t really rely on Windows update for graphics driver update. Better to go to computer manufacturer, and if that doesn’t pan out, go to graphics manufacturer (Intel.)

The Intel driver installers do a go job of giving you a message on whether or not the driver can be installed. If you cannot get a driver with the OpenGL support required by SU17 installed, then it’s time to throw in the towel and install SU16.

Checked and last driver update I have is dated 3/7/14

@DanRathbun, need some Intel HD Graphics 4000 help.

@mel66: Refer to this post in another thread:

To learn how to find WER reports see this post (in still another thread):

Basically, your Intel HD Graphics driver version is known not to run SketchUp 2017.

You need to find version (or later) if you can.

Thanks Dan for correcting me.